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Investigating what effect the period of oscillation in a simple pendulum has.

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Investigating What Effect The Period Of Oscillation In An Simple Pendulum

My aim in this investigation is to find out the acceleration due to the force of gravity. So in this investigation to achieve my aim I am going to experimentally determine a factor which effect the period (T) of a simple pendulum. This pendulum will consist of a bob hanging from a length of string.

Factors which affect the period (T) of a pendulum:

  • Gravitational Field strength
  • Mass of bob
  • Length
  • Angle of amplitude

We will be concentrating of the length factor and what affect it has on the period (T) of one oscillation. My prediction in this investigation is that the length of the string, where the bob hangs from will differ the period (T) of one oscillation. I.e. so the increasing of the length of the string will result for the increasing of Period (T).

To start of the experiment we had to raise the bob at a larger angle, than the point that it is vertically suspended at rest. By raising the bob the pendulum gains gravitational potential energy (GPE). As it is help above the point of natural suspension and so therefore is acting as the natural gravitational force.

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Time (25 swings)

Time (1 swing)

Time 2

Length of Pendulum    





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Another major error could have been on the human reaction time. The measurement of the period could have been inaccurate due to slow reaction on the stop clock.

Excluding the possible error my result came out to be reliable. So I can now say that my evidence is sufficient to support a firm conclusion that:

The only factor that affects the period of a simple pendulum is the length of what the pendulum is. As the length increases so does the time.

To extend my investigation and to find out more on this topic I will first of all do a lot more background research. I will set up the equipment much better and stable for example putting a G-Lock on the clamp and stick the protractor to the clamp. Also the main aspect I would like to look at is if I were to change the angle that I let the pendulum go at and the changing of the mass of the bob. I would be interesting to look at what would happen if the gravitational force wasn’t the 9.81 Newton’s, but was some thing different.


 Navit Kundi


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