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Investigation: experiment to show how the effect of osmosis in potato cells

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Investigation: experiment to show how the effect of osmosis in potato cells Aim: To investigate the effect of osmosis in potato cylinders, whilst varying the concentration of sucrose solution. Research: Before actually planning the experiment I decided to find out about osmosis, and the matters related to it. I did this so I could make predictions and figure out how I shall conduct the experiment safe and correctly to get the results. I found this information by researching on the Internet and in a variety of science books provided by the school, plus all the preliminary work that was done. I found that 'Osmosis is a net movement of water or any other solution from a region in which they are highly concentrate to a region, which they are less concentrated. This movement must take place across a partially permeable membrane, which lets smaller molecules such as water through but does not allow bigger molecules to pass through. This will keep happening till the molecules are evenly distributed throughout that products area' This information was found on an Internet web page on osmosis. Variables: Possible variables, all of which will be kept the same apart from the solution concentration: * Potato * Solution volume * Concentration of solution * Temperature * Time * Size of potato * To create a fair test certain aspects of the experiment will remain the same while some key variables will be changed. ...read more.


I will record these results. The potato pieces will then be placed in the tubes and then will be left for an hour. I will repeat the experiment 3 times in order to produce accurate results. After the experiment has taken place the pieces of potato will be removed. The surface solution will be removed from the potato and then the potato will be re-weighed. I will also record these results. Then will work out the difference to display the results in my graph accurately. * Use a potato borer to remove pieces of potato. * Using a scalpel and a ruler cut the cylinders down to 5 cm taking safety into account with regards to the scalpel. * After performing these two tasks, 15 potato cylinders should be produced as performing the test 3 times with 5 different sucrose solutions, 15 potato cylinders will be needed to fulfil my task. * Using a pipette put the same amount of each different concentrated solution in a specimen tube and store safely. * Weigh each individual potato cylinder on a weighing scale and recorded the results in a table. * Put 3 potato cylinders into each specimen tube and store them in a safe place. ...read more.


Below the x-axis we see that the potatoes have decreased in mass. There is a higher sugar concentration in the solution and therefore water is pushes out of the potato. The potato will have held more sucrose solution and that is why the mass has decreased. From the results we can see that the higher the concentration of sucrose, the lower the mass. This is also shown in my prediction and hypothesis, which explains why the experiment went so well. All the evidence that I have used to make a conclusion from is accurate and has proven to be reliable, as they have given accurate results. Evaluation: I believe the experiment went well. I collected enough sufficient data to carryout a fair and precise test. Everything was successful and my final results proved to be accurate and collaborated with my predictions, the chance of this was increased due to making the test fair and, repeating the test 3 times to gain precise data. But I believe that using more concentrations of sucrose solution will give more accurate results. I could have also organised the experiment a little better making sure everything is done perfectly. Apart from that there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with my results as they clearly show the motive of the whole experiment, and show that osmosis takes place in different circumstances. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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