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Investigation into the factors thateffect osmosis in potato cells

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Investigation into the factors that effect osmosis in potato cells I have been set the task of investigating osmosis in potato cells by conducting a fair and safe experiment and making predictions of my results I will need to vary and control my experiments because there are certain factors which will effect them so I will need to: * Make sure the potato tubes are all the same weight and size or as close as possible * Measure the concentration of each solution carefully * Make sure each tube is in the solution for equal amounts of time * Make sure it is a fair test. A definition Osmosis is the passage of water from a region of high water concentration through a semi-permeable membrane to a region of low water concentration. An explanation 1. If the medium surrounding the cell has a higher water concentration than the cell (a very dilute solution) the cell will gain water by osmosis. ...read more.


Cut out ten tubes of potato using a cork borer and cut them all to one size then weigh each of them. Measure out the different solutions carefully using the measuring cylinder Place each of the potato tube into a test tube of salt solution and leave it for 30 mins this should give enough time for osmosis to take place. After 30 mins I will take them out of the solution, re-weigh them and record the difference in table and a graph. Prediction I think that in the 100, 80 and 60% solutions the potato will lose weight and shrink because there is a net flow of water molecules to the less concentrated solutions, but in the 40, 20 and 10% solutions the potato will gain weight and swell because these are the more diluted solutions so the net flow would be to these ones. If I was to do a solution, which didn't change the weight at all, I think it would most likely be around 20%, depending on the concentration of the potato, it would have to be a neutral balance between the salt solution and the concentration of the potato. ...read more.


the potato gains weight with a low concentration and loses weight if there is a high concentration solution. My results do follow this pattern another pattern is the difference between the start and end weight for the high concentration solutions is around 30g but in the low concentration is only about 20g I have constructed my graphs and they show this too. I think this experiment is a good way to test the results of osmosis provided it is done correctly because it is accurate and safe. It gave precise enough results to construct graphs and diagrams which provide suitable information on the topic. Both of the graphs I constructed show roughly the same results showing that the experiment was done quite accurately. If I were to do other experiments I could for example keep on doing this experiment until I found a solution which had no movement of water this would give me the concentration of NaCl in the potato. ...read more.

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