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Investigation of how the length of a wire affects resistance.

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Investigation of how the length of a wire affects resistance

In my physics lessons I have been studying electricity. I have looks at the resistance of a wire and how it affects resistance. Now I am going to look at the length of the wire and how it affects resistance.


  • Set out the equipment like in the diagram below.
  • Set the LVU at 8V
  • Switch the LVU on.
  • Read and record ammeter and voltmeter readings
  • Calculate resistance using the formula R=V/I
  • Repeat the process for a different length of wire.
  • Write an evaluation



  • Voltmeter
  • Ammeter
  • LVU (Low Voltage Unit)
  • Connective wires
  • Wire being tested
  • Crocodile Clips (flying leads)
  • Meter Rule
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To keep the heat of the wire as low as possible I should keep the LVU on for as little time as possible.


  • Current flowing through the circuit.
  • Length of the wire.
  • Thickness of the wire.

Fair Test

  • Throughout the experiment the same LVU should be used as different LVU’s give out slightly different voltages.
  • Let the ammeter and voltmeter settle before writing down the readings.


From my preliminary experiments I can predict that as the wire gets longer the resistance will increase. This is because a long piece of wire will mean that electrons experience more collisions and are therefore stopped more often. This means the current is smaller, so the resistance of the wire must have increased as the length of wire increases.


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Further investigations

The amount of resistance of a material depends on:

  • Length of the conductor
  • Thickness of material
  • Type of material, e.g. wood, plastic
  • Temperature (higher temperature/higher resistance)

I have already tested the length of the conductor and the thickness of the material. To further my experiment I could also investigate the type of material and temperature.  I could also test the voltage of the current flowing through the circuit to see how this affects resistance.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Electricity and Magnetism section.

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