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Investigation Of Osmosis using potato.

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Donna Perry 11X2 Friday 14th Febuary 2003 Investigation Of Osmosis using potato Prediction I predict that the higher the concentration of the sugar, the lower the mass of the potato at the end of the experiment. This is because with a higher concentration of sugar in the water, there will be less water molecules in the solution, so it'll take less time for them to enter into the potato. Variables * Temperature - The warmer the solution, the quicker the osmosis will go. This is because the water molecules will be moving more quickly. * Difference in concentrations - This will speed up the rate of osmosis because there will be more particles that'll have to change places. ...read more.


� Test tubes - we put the potatoes in these � Water/Sugary solution - we used this at 0,2,4,6,8 & 10 concentrations. 0 being pure water and 10 being 10 % sugar solution. We chose the variable: "Concentration" Method In the experiment I chopped three thin potato strips. Then I measured them on the top-pan balance and record their weights. Then I put them in a test tube with a sugary solution. I did this six times so in the end I had 6 test tubes with three pieces of potato in each and 5cm cubed of solution in each. The concentrations will vary for 0 - 10. ...read more.


This proudced more accurate results. Analysis In the 1st experiment - as the concentration got higher, the mass of the potatoes got lower, but the graph did not end up as a curve which it is supposed to look like. In the 2nd experiment, as the concentration go higher, the mass of the potatoes got lower. The graph looks more like a graph with a curve in but still, it is not exactly right. My prediction is not compleatly correct. In some cases it is correct because the concentration is higher and the mass of the potato is lower, but in other the mass of the potato gets higher, which I did not predict. For example, on the 1st experiment at 2 and 4 concentrations the mass of the potato goes up and the same happens on the 2nd experiment. ...read more.

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