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Is Cloning Useful To Mankind?

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Is Cloning Useful To Mankind? The term 'cloning' have entered popular vocabulary of many people. The issues on cloning are getting controversial and growing more complicated the word "clone" comes from the Greek "klwn" which means similar. Strictly speaking, a clone refers to one or more offspring derived from a single ancestor, whose genetic composition is identical to that of the parent No sex is involved in the production of clones and cloning is sometimes called asexual reproduction. Such a feat can be achieved by substituting the nucleus, which contains the genes from one the cells making up that individuals body, for the nucleus of the fertilized egg. Generally, the aim of cloning is to produce an organism exactly the replica of that of the parent cell which the cell is taken. The question of the day is has cloning any use to mankind? In truth there are many advantages of generating genetically identical organisms. ...read more.


was seen as the first incarnation of a sinister future. Since then animal cloning effort thrusted forward and more recently, a clone calf named Suzi was the first cloned mammal created in Australia and just last year researches in Texas, USA claimed the first successful genetic reproduction of a cat in the form of a kitten called Cc. Until Dolly came about, no mammal had been cloned and she was the first unequivocal mammalian clone. But it has to be pointed out that Dolly was a single sheep produced from nearly three hundred attempts, without even counting the previous years of failed experiments. With a single result of this kind it is not possible to evaluate the real frequency of success. Is it one in three hundred or one in a million? Nonetheless, cloning remains an extremely costly, technically demanding and inefficient exercise. Finally, the inevitable question, is it possible to clone humans. ...read more.


According to the Heatlh Minister, Malaysia appreciates the potential for medical revolution accompanying the advent of technology in the area of reproductive cloning of human beings, it is in agreement with France and Germany (United Nations Ad Hoc Committee on an International Convention against the Reproductive Cloning of Human Beings, 26th February 2002 3rd Meeting) that reproductive cloning of human beings poses unknown and serious problems to the human race. Potential abuse of technology related to reproductive cloning of human beings not only raises moral, religious and ethical concerns but also poses risks such as developmental and bodily abnormalities to humans. Aside from these important moral, religious and ethical considerations, what makes it unacceptable is the fact that medical technology related to reproductive cloning of human beings at the present time is too risky for consideration. In my personal opinion, cloning should not be banned because cloning a person does not produce a duplicate, nor does it prolong his life. ...read more.

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