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Journey to the farthest planet (Pluto).

Extracts from this document...


Chemistry ISU

Articles (Scientific Americans)


Mr. Jason Ellis

Period: 4

30th September 2002


Journey to the Farthest Planet (Pluto)


The once most deserted and isolated planet in our solar system has provide new insights

for astronomers. Recently, astronomers have found out that the planet could provide clues

that scientists could obtain revelations in the history of our solar system. Astronomers

have discovered a swarm of comets (around 100 000) orbiting the planet which came to

known as the kuiper belt and that they have not identify the frequent faint objects hurling

towards and orbiting around the planet. The amazing Hubble Space Telescope could only

provide blurred image of that region and the planet. Pluto has one satellite Charon, which

is half the planet’s size. One thing peculiar is the vast differences between the planet and

Charon is the unique appearance and their bizarre atmosphere. Astronomers said that

Pluto is made up of water ice and essential gas for life to pervade, which they conclude

Pluto and Charon could somehow provide critical information of evolution and science

and the concepts of binary world and stars. Now, NASA has planned to learn about this

discovery but is cancelled due to the staggering amount needed to run the program.

NASA was not without supporters and was opened to universities and institutions to

compete in coming with the fastest, feasible and lowest cost in making this program

‘alive’. Last November, NASA had finally chosen a team comprising various universities

and institution called New Horizon to study the region and the planet. The craft they are

researching will be launched in 2006 and reaching Pluto in 2015 taking the shortest route

when the planets are in their ‘right position’. In this program, New Horizon spacecraft

will also study the moons of Jupiter before venturing into kuiper belt.  


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planet but based on I have learnt, I still think life does exists, not only in Mars, but other

satellites of other planets in our solar system. I do not think that if life form or evolution

indeed exists on other places would basically advances itself into intelligence or capable

of asking similar questions as we do. There could be microscopic orgasm which could be

the ‘species’ entire evolution compared to the animals and birds of earth or could there be

life which exists in space alone, in vacuum, we don’t know either. Our solar system is so

huge that we only covered or have learnt a tiny area of it. Like Arthur C. Clarke said in

his story ‘THE GARDEN OF RAMA’, “the entire set of knowledge in the human

domain, everything that any member of the human species had ever learned or

experienced, was no more than a single grain of sand on the great beach representing

everything that had ever been known by all the sentient creatures of the universe”. Life

could be present in many places. If our solar system which was formed from the big bang

would have easily spread its ‘seeds’ which begin evolution in that particularly place and

the ‘seeds’ could also have scattered throughout our solar system and nearby stars. So, I

think space exploration presently is still at its infant state and that there are still so many

things to learn about before we can find life out there in the unknown universe.

Hope in a Vial


The deadliest virus in earth presently, AIDS have claimed over 3 million lives last year.

Gregg Gonclaves, an AIDS expert has begun his trial in search of AIDS vaccines in his

second scene. HIV (retroviruses)

...read more.


Slaves that are free often resolve themselves into suicide or uneven emotional behavior as

we couldn’t feel what the slaves have gone through all these years. Sex slavery and ‘dark

factory’ are still the prime dominant caused. Researchers have tried to explain the

persistent of such a controversial act but the results and information they gotten are not

that appealing.    


I think that enslaving a person in forcing him to do something he did not want to but to

‘please’ and to appease your satisfaction is the worst thing a human being can do. I have

judge humans having the same status regarding their background, race, religion, looks

and age. Often at night, I yearn for the children that are much less fortunate than me that

they could be safe and happy. Sometimes, we people have to realize the fact that how

fortunate we are and are we doing our job and part for our ‘neglected’ brothers and sisters

who gravely need our constant help and care? Isn’t the world a place for united

brotherhood that will never let someone to suffer as much as they want you to suffer?

Many people think ‘it is none of my businesses’ and skin colour and discrimination still

play the vital role which halt a united nation instantly. I am too young to make something

dramatic but to say something which I feel is right. Each human being in this world has

his/her own rights and that none of us could take those rights away. Why must we human

seem supreme or having higher status over those poor or ‘they deserve to be in such a

state’? I understand why it is so difficult and possibly impossible for world peace to

conceive and to archive a total harmony. Each of us has a heart to play a part. Let us hope

that regarding whatever the cause, slavery will not exist on this planet again.

...read more.

This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE The Earth and Beyond section.

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