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Keeping heat in a hot water tank

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Keeping heat in a hot water tank Aim I am going to investigate which out of a number of coatings on a copper tin will insulate heat the best. I am going to repeat the investigation as many times as possible to get the best results. The coatings will include Foam, Tin Foil, Newspaper, Plastic Sheets, Bubble wrapping and no coating at all. Equipment All the coatings: Foam, Tin Foil, Newspaper, Plastic Sheets, and Bubble wrapping. Six copper cups Six tins tops A kettle Six thermometers (If you are doing all cups at the same time) A timer Method 1. Put holes in the lids for the thermometers. 2. Get equipment set up as the 'Diagram' shows. 3. Boil water, and then put the water in the cups at exactly the same time. 4. Put lids on the cups and measure the temperature of the water and write it down. ...read more.


Firstly I will make sure the temperatures are the same before I start timing. I am only going to test two coatings at a time, so it will be easier for me to concentrate, then I wont make any mistakes. Also I am going to make sure there is the same amount of hot water in each cup. I will also make sure that there is just one wrap round of coating on each one. I will also make sure that the cups are the same size as well. Results Tables Experiment 1 Experiment 2 Experiment 3 Conclusion During the experiment I found out that the foam was the best insulator out of all that I tested. I found out that no wrapping was the worst insulator. So my prediction was correct; I predicted that foam would be the best insulator because that had more air pockets and the more air pockets there are the more the hot air is trapped. ...read more.


Although I think that tin foil does not really fit the pattern that I explained because after my research I would of thought that tin foil would have been one of the worst insulators of heat but its one of the best. I can't think of why this maybe but I think if I repeated my experiment a few more times then maybe I would get the results that I might of expected. I think that I repeated my experiment enough to get the results I wanted and I think that my results are reliable because of how many experiments I took and the patterns that keep on repeating. I also think that the experiment was accurate because I used all the fair test objectives that I had planned and I thought that they were very effective for me to get my correct results. I cannot think of any improvements because I did all that was possible. Danny Todd Physics 10E2 ...read more.

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