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Lack of Available Drinking Water in Africa-World Issues.

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Lack of Available Drinking Water in Africa-World Issues ISU Essay In our pleasant safe haven of North America, each citizen is concerned with his or her own personal problems. Some of us worry about schoolwork while others are preoccupied with their careers, but virtually no one in this town is concerned with the idea that they might experience disease or death due to a lack of clean water. For many countries in the world clean drinking water is something that is almost impossible to obtain. For the inhabitants of the southern and central regions of Africa, the taps and clean water sources that exist in practically every household in North America are purely dreams and fantasies. Every day, the residents of these countries participate in an excruciating struggle just to keep themselves alive and healthy. This struggle can be eliminated. As individuals who live in an extremely fortunate country, we need to realize that there are many others who do not experience the same privileges that we do. We need to realize that we can assist those living in nations with no clean drinking water. ...read more.


Governments need to designate more funding for the development of new technology that will allow us to reach further into these wells. This new technology will result in the extraction of the remaining 40% of water. If this water was extracted, not only would it be more profitable, but it would also save thousands of lives. The main reasons that there is virtually no money going into this type of research is simple: the only governments who are in a position to provide the necessary financial funding are the governments who have an abundance of clean water for their people (Nanterre, 14). These governments simply do not want to alleviate the number of deaths due to drinking water shortages because it is not profitable for them. If water extraction techniques are successfully improved, thousands of innocent lives will be salvaged. It is ridiculous for us to simply stand back and watch these people die every second of every day when we have the means to save them. ...read more.


The water that flows into our showers, taps and toilets travels great distances through the water pipelines that are part of the infrastructure of the North American way of life. One surprising statistic that our government is very reluctant to announce is that these pipes and ducts squander approximately 35% of the water that they carry (Gleick). This loss is due to leaks throughout the pipelines. These losses can be eradicated if the government provides adequate funding to repair the leaky pipe system. The lives of many people can be easily saved if we all take an active part in water conservation. Severe water shortage is not something that you or I have never been forced to cope with. The fact remains that there are too many people that die every day from water related causes. This problem can be fixed, but it will take a small effort from all of us. The effort will have to be put towards water conservation, more money put toward research to improve our extraction technology, and ways to remove bacteria from water. There is enough water in the world for everyone; we simply need to learn how to handle and distribute it in a more efficient manner. ...read more.

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