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Magnetism Essay

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Magnetism is basically a non-contact force. It is the core of attraction and repulsion without having to touch the object they are attraction/repulsion. In this essay I will be explaining the uses of magnetism, positive and negative impacts it has on our everyday life, electromagnetism...etc.

Basically, magnets are pieces of metal containing cobalt, nickel or iron, that can attract other metals. Steel is a mixture which also contains iron, so it is a magnetic material as well, as iron oxide is a compound that can be made into a magnet by stroking it in the same direction. Not all metals are magnetic materials. It is possible to find natural magnets out of rocks or minerals but most magnets nowadays are manmade or manufactured.

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Magnetism is extremely useful, and we can normally find them in our everyday life. For example, many of us use magnets to stick things on the fridge, for compasses...etc. Doctors and surgeons also take magnetism to their advantage. They use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which is a medical imaging technique used in radiology to visualize internal structures which helps them to spot problems in a patient’s body without invasive surgery. An MRI machine uses a magnetic field to align the magnetization of atoms in the body. MRI scans are now used frequently nowadays by doctors to help diagnose cancer, brain tumors...etc. It is the safest and best way to see inside the human body without performing surgery.

Another use for magnetism is for reading information on credit cards.

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The Earth is like a huge magnet, it’s liquid core contains iron, and as it moves, it creates an electric current that causes a magnetic field to surround the Earth. The North Pole and the North Magnetic Pole are not the same thing, as the north magnetic pole is constantly moving, whereas the north pole stays in the same place. Therefore, if you rely on a compass to point you to the north pole, it will probably direct you to the north magnetic pole instead.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Electricity and Magnetism section.

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