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Manhattan project

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The Manhattan Project The Manhattan project took place during the Second World War. The project employed American and British scientists, who worked in Arizona and tried to build the first atomic bomb. They were in direct completion with the Nazis scientists, and knew that if they didn't build the bomb first, the war would be lost. They eventually developed the bomb in 1945, but Nazis Germany had already surrendered. However the allies were still fighting in the Far East against Japan. The U.S government decided to drop two bombs in Japan, ending the war. They did this to stop more American lives being lost by the assault on Japan, however Historians also believe they dropped the bomb to show off to the U.S.S.R. ...read more.


Once the two pieces of uranium are brought together, the initiator introduces a burst of neutrons and the chain reaction begins, continuing until the energy released becomes so great that the bomb simply blows itself apart. The dropping of these two bombs and the Manhattan project, caused science to leap into the future of nuclear warfare. The effect can be seen clearly during the cold war, where both America and Russia were very close to declaring and all out nuclear war. Furthermore, the fact that all the weapons that have been developed by man have been used, suggests a very real possibility that a nuclear war will occur in the future. ...read more.


Nuclear weapons testing adds to the background radiation that is present all the time and too much radiation can lead to health risks. It also encourages other countries to build nuclear weapons in order to protect themselves and in doing so adds to the global tension and unrest. The amount of money that is being spent on nuclear weapons is colossal and it could easily be used to put an end to world poverty. If the British Government want to help they should lay down their weapons and try to persuade other countries to do so aswell. After all if one nuclear strike was ordered on America, one hundred nuclear strikes will be ordered in retaliation and more innocent lives would be lost. ?? ?? ?? ?? Manhar Bhojwani 4.3 ...read more.

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