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How MDMA AFFECTS SYNAPSE AND THE CONTROL OF IMPULSES IN THE BRAIN 1. An electrical impulse travels along an axon. 2. This triggers the nerve-ending of a neuron to release chemical messenger called neurotransmitters. 3. These chemicals diffuse across the synapse (the gap) and bind with receptor molecules on the membrane of the next neuron. 4. The receptor molecules on the second neuron bind only to the specific chemicals released from the first neuron. ...read more.


Without this natural brain chemical, the people can no longer control moods, sleep, pain, emotion and appetite. The result is long term depression and anxiety. � A risk of liver damage if the person is a frequent user. A rash that looks like acne could be a sign of liver damage. � Damage to teeth and jaws from jaw clenching � Aggressive behaviour (becoming violent) � Death from kidney or heart failure caused by lack of water in the body (dehydration) ...read more.


In severe cases, a person may bleed to death. � Ecstasy is not legal, so pills sold as Ecstasy may contain other very harmful drugs (LSD, speed, heroin or ephedrine). � Regular use may cause long-term or lasting damage to learning and memory functions of the brain. � A "bad trip" may occur - the person may become anxious, have convulsions (violent muscle spasms) and may not know what is real (psychotic). � Some people have flashbacks (feeling the effects of the drug days or weeks l � Some people experience a need or craving for the drug. Sources * http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/science/add_ocr/homeostasis/ * GCSE REVISION Guides biology * http://dancesafe.org/drug-information/ecstasy-and-depression ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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