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Medical Effects of Roller coasters

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Medical Effects of Rollercoasters

Statistically, aroller coasteris not very dangerous, especially if a rider is in good physical condition. Amusement park patrons are far more likely to die in accidents on the way to the park than they are to suffer injuries on a ride, assuming that the equipment is well maintained and run responsibly. Parks run many tests on their equipment to ensure that it is safe for use, including measurements designed to determine the g-forces that riders will be subject to. These facilities like their patrons healthy and alive, so they try to build rides that are fun and safe.



  • A roller coaster ride can seriously affect the cardiac health of people with heart conditions. According to this Science Daily, roller coaster loops, plunges and climbs increase the heart rate, resulting in an uneven rhythm that could increase the risk of a cardiac arrest or any other illness. Cardiologists recommend against roller coasters for individuals who have suffered a cardiac arrest have or have heart diseases.
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  • The sudden stops and starts of roller coaster rides that occur during the ride are concerns to pregnant women. This intensity of roller coaster rides generates additional pressure inside the uterus, which can lead to placental abruption. Placental abruption is the condition where the
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The reason that makes roller coasters so adrenalin-pumping is g-forces. Gravitational forces pull and push you in your seat, and give you a taste of force greater than gravity. However, g-forces can be especially bad for the body. There are many effects of G-forces:image04.jpg

  • Grey-out, where the vision loses hue, easily reversible on leveling out.
  • Tunnel vision, where peripheral vision is progressively lost.
  • Blackout, a loss of vision while consciousness is maintained, caused by a lack of blood to the head.
  • G-LOC a loss of consciousness
  • Death, if g-forces are not quickly reduced, death can occur.
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