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Megz - The Strange Planet.

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        MEGZ- The Strange planet...


The planet I am going to write about is an eccentric one, it has six sides, and to be more precise it is a cube. The cube shaped planet has a top, a bottom, a back, a front and two sides - left and right. The top is where the people are very good in many ways; this is due to the strictness of the law. The people or alians as they are called, always are well behaved wherever they go. They are in tiptop condition whenever we see them and are very impressive in many ways for example on the roads it is litter free. However on the bottom of this strange planet the people always are chillin’ and are very bad mannered this is because the alianas as they are called, drink and usually too much.

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The alianees are not the only creatures living on this planet but there is different life form, this time not big like the alianees but theopposite they are tiny, they are called ‘Gorillinese’. The gorillinese have a heart shaped face, a triangle body with for mini rectangle legs and four mini triangle arms, they do not have any ears so they are virtually deaf. They also don’t have a mouth but they can still eat using their armpits.

The alianees communicate using a language called ‘Sabrinese’, which is simply a language that all the creatures of MEGZ use.

The atmosphere of the planet is changing to suit the moods of the alianees. There are

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25 days---1 year

5 years---Bronze

10 years---Silver

25 years---Gold

50 years---Platinum etc.

There are many tall edifice buildings with bright illuminating lights that glow like stars. There are many buildings of different shapes filling this planet, some the shapes including- pyramids, domes, cubes there are even round ball shaped buildings.

The transportation system is different to earths as there is only one sort of vehicle, a buggy. The buggy at a touch of a button can get its wings to fly, it even has an extra layer of protective glass which is used if the buggy has to travel in slime, as there is no water on MEGZ only slime. The buggy can also travel on land with 2 cylinders under it that work like four wheels. This means of transport runs on diesel.

Now you know about MEGZ, thinking of coming? Yeah? Then catch the next rocket from the Arctic Circle on the day after Christmas called beating up day on MEGZ.

~Mehjabeen Iqbal 9NDM~        ~Page ~        ~2007/05/10~    

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE The Earth and Beyond section.

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