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MMR Vaccine Is It Safe

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MMR Vaccine Intro The MMR Vaccine is an injection that immunises you against measles, mumps and rubella. This injection is usually given to children who reach the age of 1 and then another when they are nearly 2 to make sure that they are fully immunised. The vaccine was introduced in the 1970s, there have been over millions of doses in 60 different countries and questions have risen on how safe it is. The vaccine is sold by Merck as M-M-R II, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals as Priorix, Serum Institute of India as Tresivac, and sanofi Pasteur as Trimovax. After children have received there MMR vaccine some children develop side effects. It is calculated that at least 1 in 10 children (after 2-5 days) have a fever and 1 in 5 children have a rash some children might suffer from impermanent joint pain. ...read more.


that were vaccinated with MMR and kids that wasn't vaccinated with MMR .In September 2006 there was no scientific proof that MMR causes autism. A study in Japan was carried out in 2007 and in this study it showed that even after the vaccine was withdrawn the autism rates still continued to rise This was probably the strongest piece of evidence to prove that MMR has nothing to do with autism The latest Research done by national academy of science and the UK NHS all reached the same result which is that autism and MMR has no links MMR And Autism Studies Uk study (BMJ)- 2001 A study in the British Medical Journal in February 2001 compared the number of children immunised with MMR vaccine with reported rates of autism. ...read more.


The child psychiatrist who wrote the paper, Dr Eric Fombonne, said that the rise in cases was because to more cases of autism being recognised and that this has nothing to do with the MMR vaccine. In an interview published in New Scientist magazine, Dr Fombonne stated: 'That rates in recent surveys are substantially higher than 30 years ago merely reflects the adoption of a much broader concept of autism, a recognition of autism among normally intelligent subjects and an improved identification of persons with autism' and when asked about concerns that MMR might be linked to autism said 'Trying to link this with MMR is complete nonsense'. After researching and finding out this information about MMR and its links with autism I have came to the conclusion that MMR has no links to autism. Even though there may be a little evidence that there are links between MMR and Autism the evidence that there is no correlation between the 2 is always greater. ...read more.

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