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Mother Teresa........ Carer, kind, nurse I think the real word is saint

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Mother Teresa........ Carer, kind, nurse I think the real word is saint Mother Teresa was born in 1910 in gonxha bonjaxhiu on the 27th of august and was the youngest sister of the three Then in 1928 she became a Loreto order in an Indian school and took her name as mother Teresa In 1929 she arrived in Calcutta and began work at a school there named St Mary's In 1937 she took her final vows as a nun and gave her life to the lord. Once she gave her life to god 9 years later she believed, that he spoke to her telling her, to help the sick and the poorest of the poor. at this time she was on a train in the darjeeling mountings, trying to recover from TB (tuberculosis). ...read more.


Then 10 years later she wins the nobel peace prize. In 1982 she made a deal with the Israelis and Palestinians to stop shooting they stoped long enough to save 37 retarded children from a hospital in besieged Beirut After a year she had a heart attack while visiting pope jhon paul II in Rome. 1985 mother Teresa was awarded the medal of freedom which is the highest U.S civilian award. 4 years later in 1989 mother Teresa had her second heart attack execpt for one thing this one was fatal so the docters implanted a pacemaker. Next year she announces her intentions to resign and a concave of sisters have to choose a successor. Then after the ballot mother Teresa won again and withdraws her earlier statement to resign. ...read more.


After 3 years later in April she fell and broke her collarbone , also suffers malaria as well as failure to the left ventricle to the heart, in august. But then in September she was treated for chest infection and she also had heart problem then in November she received the honorary U.S. citizen. 1997 march 13 she stepped down as head of her order. Mother Teresa could link in to many of gods stories such as the good Samaritan which tells us to help everyone and anyone even if we don't know them and I think mother Teresa followed the most. Some key words for mother Teresa are golden rule because she treated people as she would like to be treated also compassion because she felt distress and suffering of others. Service would be a good fit as well because she had values of helping other people. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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