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My Body Was a Temple.

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Original Writing 2 My Body Was a Temple Saying goodbye to something that never arrived is always difficult, but I'm beginning to learn that it doesn't always have to be impossible. Why is new life so beautiful and death so putrid? I have never been a believer of superstition, so how can it be that all was ordained not to be from the word go, how can it be that all the time I was doing my best and watching my step, I didn't feel fate's hand on my shoulder, destiny's voice resonating in my ear drums, bad luck's shiver down my spine. Betrayal is always hard to except, but when it is ones own body, forgive and forget almost seems inevitable. The loss of a loved one is never easy to come to terms with, but when you said goodbye I had not even had ...read more.


How can it be that it was God's choice, why would He wish to cause me grief, sitting proud, looking down at me and laughing until He is blue in the face. Expectations are never entirely fulfilled, but after my hard work at caring for another I have nothing to show, no prize at the end of my contest. How is it that others succeed effortlessly, some without even wanting the treasure, and yet I leave empty handed and drained of all future hope, my dreams engulfed like driftwood by an overpowering, ferocious ocean, resting on the sea's deathbed., In faith I believe I am still pregnant, I deny that I have lost my child in an instant, deny that I grief over a memory so fresh, deny that I have indeed lost a piece of heart pulled from out of my chest. ...read more.


How am I to find comfort when there is no one to provide it? When I have lost something so precious how am I to seek contentment in something so insignificant? Facing condolences seems unnecessary when you are still with me in my heart and in my soul, giving me strength in my hardest hour, but I know I am never to see you, hear you cry, watch you grow old. Constantly reminded by friends that I can try again, told to forget about my loss and think about my future gain, why is it that no one understands that it was only you that I wanted. There is no easy way to let you rest, to let my broken heart mend, to let me find security as the days and weeks elapse, and every time I fall asleep, every time I awake to the thought of your smile, I know that time does not heal, but it does provide distance from my loss. ...read more.

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