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My Holiday In India.

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My Holiday In India

I was really excited because it was the first time that I was going on a plane.  I was also very tired because it was three o’clock in the morning, I had been out all night (Saturday) and I had no sleep all day which did not help when I to go to Heathrow airport, which would take two to three hours to get there.

We got to the airport and we were running a bit late because there was an accident on the M1 involving four cars and there was also road works, which slowed us down even more.  Our flight was for half past eight in the morning.  We got to the airport between half past six and seven o’clock.

We landed in Mumbai and it was boiling hot and I could not stand it.  From the airport we took a taxi to our hotel.

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At the beginning people pray to the god by hinging a hyme then they all move in a big circle clapping and singing hyme, this is called Rasgarba.  This will happen for a couple hours depending how long it lasts for that night, because different places have different timing of celebrating the festival.  After that people will grab a partner and two special types of stick, they will stand parallel to each other in lines and they will hit the sticks in a special pattern.  After they have done that pattern they then will move one place left and do the same with next person, this is called Dandyaras.

We finished there at half past two in the morning.  I was tired and the next morning at half past eight I had to catch a plane to a village called Jamnagar in Gujarat.  I went to bed at three o’clock and I very tired the next morning.

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That Sunday afternoon I had to catch a plane to Delhi.  In Delhi we stayed in a hotel but we were always out.  During the day we were out shopping and at night we were at a hall celebrating Navrati.  The surprising thing was that we actually found a place where Navrati was in hall and they played music that I liked.  I was there until four and five o’clock for the last three nights that it was celebrated.

The last night of Navrati was my last night in Delhi because the next evening I had a flight to Bombay airport where I had to wait for an hour to catch a plane to England at Heathrow airport.  I got to England at half past four in the morning and I was really tired so we decided to stay the night at my Mum’s brother’s house for the night.


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