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My hypothesis was that the woody soil would be the worst for plant growth, and that the most organic may be the best.

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We had started off thinking of how we can unite physics and biology together in the same experiment. After thinking about plants and electricity we thought we could see if electrically functioning lights can succeed in substituting the sun light. We had decided to use two different artificial lights with different colors and the sunlight. We had also thought that we would need a plant that is easy and a fast grower. We couldn't provide ourselves with some genetically modified seeds as we didn't have the contact, but instead we decided to use lentils as they are the fastest growing plant we had the possibility of acquiring. We then thought about the soil in which the plants would be placed. We thus decided to also have three different types of soil. The first is organic, the second is moist organic, and the third is woody soil. The next problem was the question of how to set up the apparatus. What is required out of the apparatus is that it can provide a close environment that would not let any light come in. the main goal is to be able to feed the plants with only the artificial lights, it must be ensured that no other alien light can come in. The containers we used had some holes to allow for oxygenation, they were cardboard boxes. ...read more.


cm 3 cm 6 cm 7 cm Moist organic Day 1 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 11 Day 12 Purple light 0 cm 2.5 cm 4.5 cm 5.5 cm died Died Yellow light 0 cm 0 cm 0 cm 0 cm 0 cm 0 cm Natural light 0 cm 5 cm 9 cm 12 cm 15 cm 16 cm The firs thing that we notice is that the yellow light has no growth what so ever. This is strange as it has a lower intensity than the other lights. What is probably is that the seeds were killed due to heat, and lack of water. Not to mention that yellow is very close to green on the light spectrum. This means that the plant can't use much of the yellow light to grow. The reason for which the plant is green to our eyes is because it's the only color it is not, in the light spectrum yellow and green are very close. Having a green light shine on the plant would result in worse results (if that is possible). As we were unable to be present during the experiment to overview it for a great majority of the time, we didn't get very consistent results. What would've been optimum would've been a day by day measurement. What I ended up doing in order to have an idea of the exact rate of growth is divide the final length of the plant by the number of days. ...read more.


It would be good to obtain some high intensity color lamps which would stay cool somehow, so as to have the plants have the same temperatures. The change wasn't great, the temperature achieved 42 degrees inside the boxes, and when it cooled down for 40 minutes, it came down to ambient temperature. The amount of soil was not measured and the amount of seeds planted might not have been too many for the small box, and some of them might not have been properly germinated. This kind of information is necessary for it helps us find out what is the optimum most efficient mean to grow the biggest plants. This could then help us grow more food, and feed more people in the world. What is to be doubted is that maybe different plants have different means of growth. As the tomato is red, it might prefer different colors than lentils. In conclusion this experiment was not run properly. The results were not precise enough as they didn't fit together at time. An example would be when the organic soil gave better results for the sunlit lamp, and the moist organic gave the best results for the purple light. What can be deduced from this experiment is that yellow light isn't good for growing plants, but this should be tested further as well. Other colors should be tested out, and on different plants as well as different soils. For these results might only apply to lentils. So far, the natural way seems to be the best way for plant growth. ...read more.

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