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My life as a white blood cell

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´╗┐My life as a White blood cell! Table of contents Let me introduce myself Lines of Defenses Specific, Active, Passive immunity Koch?s rules How diseases spread STDs HIV and your immune system Word search Let me introduce myself! Hi, you all know who I am. Well, if you don?t, I?m a white blood cell. I?m always in your circulatory system. I surround and digest foreign organisms and chemicals. You can say I am a patrol officer because I constantly patrol your body by sweeping up and digesting those nasty bacteria that invade your body. I also can slip between cells of tiny blood vessels called capillaries. If I can?t destroy the bacteria fast enough, you could get a fever. Most pathogens are sensitive to temperature, so a slight change in body temperature slows their growth but increases your body defenses. Pathogens, probably a word you may not know but it?s just a big word for disease-causing bacteria. Lines of defenses Imagine?.Are you imagining? Ok. Imagine that you were going hiking and you come across a bee on your shirt. ...read more.


Another type of lymphocyte called memory B cells has antibodies for a specific pathogen. They stay in your blood so it could be ready to defend your body of that same pathogen. Active immunity is when your body makes its own antibodies in response to an antigen. It is one of the ways that antibodies help your body build defenses. When a pathogen invades your body and multiplies, you get sick. Your body makes antibodies and you get better again. Most antibodies stay in your blood and quickly multiply and are prepared if that pathogen enters your body again. This is why you only get chicken pox once, but the only reason you get a cold so many times is that there are many cold viruses that give you similar symptoms. This is why scientists are looking for a cure for the common cold. Passive Immunity is the other way antibodies help your body build defenses. It doesn?t last as long as active immunity does. An example of passive immunity is when you are born; your mom has all the antibodies and passes it to you but after a few months it wears off and you need to get vaccinated to make your own immunity. ...read more.


You can get HIV by having sex with a person who does have it or reusing a HIV- contaminated needle. Also a pregnant female who has this disease may also pass it down to her child. HIV cannot multiply outside the body. You cannot also get it by simply touching the person or touching something that the person with the disease has touched unless it is contaminated with body fluids. Aids are a HIV infection that leads to it. It can attack your body?s immune system. HIV is different than other viruses. It attacks the helper T cells and then enters the T cell and multiples. The cell may burst and infect other T cells. Now it cannot produce B cells and your immune system is very weak. After that it can lead to AIDS and could get worse. You cannot die from AIDS but you can die from the diseases it causes. Word search!!!! ____________ Complex group of defenses ____________ Molecules that is foreign to your body ____________ Protein made in response to a specific antigen ____________ Body makes its own antibodies ____________ When antibodies produced by another animal _________ Minute piece of genetic makeup IMMUNESYSTEMHFHFJJGSNEGITNAAHFBRHFBRHFBRACTIVEIMMUNITY NUIOGHRDOUGHTRUOGHLMFAOFG TSURIVNGFNFYJGJTBDFWLOLLMAF IPASSIVEIMMUNITYBVJRGHNFHJGJ BADEYSRYEPLAYLANDHFNFHYYHJF OABIHASHEHJUNETWENTYTWOHAA DNIMRAHSHOHOHJDJRYTWNDTGFN YARIEVLAHIHIHDUFHFJFBFJFBFJFJ ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Life Processes & Cells section.

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