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Nuclear Vs Renewable Energy

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Nuclear energy, is it the right way to go? Nuclear energy has been discussed by many governments and scientists as a new way ahead. It's said that Nuclear energy is cleaner than Fossil fuels in contributing to climate change, it's said that it is more efficient and well, the best path to take for the future. But is it what they say it is. Governments and others supporters will only inform you of the upsides but rarely mention the downsides. There are other ways of generating energy in a much cleaner and safer way. Renewable energy is another big path and also the idea of decentralised energy is upcoming as well. Firstly, let's see in depth what all three types of energy are. Nuclear energy is released by fission which is firing a neutron at Uranium-235, or other similar elements, breaking it into two daughter nuclei, Krypton (K) and Barium (Ba), and also releasing three more neutrons. The three other neutrons repeat this process resulting in high amounts of nuclear energy. ...read more.


What's more, it is polluting. Every day, nuclear power stations pump radioactive pollution into the sea and air. These emissions can travel hundreds of kilometres on the wind and in water, exposing fish, farm animals, wildlife and people to deadly radiation. The Irish Sea is now the most radioactively contaminated sea in the world because of discharges from nuclear operations at Sellafield. Lastly, it is very dangerous. Nuclear power stations are vulnerable to terrorist attacks. According to one study, a terrorist strike on the storage tanks holding dangerous liquid high-level radioactive waste at Sellafield in west Cumbria has the potential to kill over two million people. Even though Nuclear energy has its downs, it is still a very open choice as it tackles three of the greatest problems we have faced: 1) Nuclear power plants do not require a much space. 2) Nuclear energy or any of its bi-products do not contribute to climate change. 3) Nuclear energy is by far the most concentrated form of energy. ...read more.


The same sunlight that provides photons also provides more destructive ultraviolet and infrared waves, which eventually cause the panels to degrade physically. The panels must also be exposed to destructive weather elements, which can also seriously affect efficiency. Finally, there were four thousand immediate fatalities from 1970 to 1992 all because of Hydro energy. This much higher than the immediate fatalities caused by nuclear, thirty one, in the same time period. In my opinion, I think that renewable energy is the right way to go because it does not cause any damage to the environment or us at all. It also does not contribute to climate change. It's also very safe as no terrorist smart enough will bomb a wind turbine. As for nuclear power, it's very efficient and quick but it is too high of a risk to generate waste we do not know what do with because it can kill every living thing. Also, if terrorist were to get hold of the sites of nuclear reactors, we could have a very deadly threat on our hands, one even bigger than the event of Chernobyl. End ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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