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Oil Spills and How They Effect The Environment

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Oil Spills and How They Effect The Environment Oil spills, no matter how small or large, effect the worlds environment by their destroying and poisoning any habitat they come in contact with, mainly the water though. These spills can be devastating because they disrupt what we know as the food chain. The food chain starts with producers who are ate by small animals which are ate by larger and larger animals until the top predator is reached, humans. Oddly enough, humans are the main reason the food chain is being destroyed. In our fight to reach economic prosperity we rarely take in consideration the environment, which is partially what life is based on. If one part in this chain fails they all fail. ...read more.


Much of the oil sank to the ocean bed causing sedimentation, which is when the oil mixes with clay and other minerals on the seabed and causes a hard mixture that kills animals and organisms. Ships are not the only cause for oil spills though, oil plants can collapse and explode, too. In Mexico, 1979, the Ixtoc spilled an estimated 800,000 tons of oil into the water. Of this, about 10,000 caught fire. This causes smoke to pollute the air, and the ashes that were created were carried overland for hundreds of miles, killing animals and one or two humans. This is people when the air blew the ash miles away, because unknowingly drank polluted water and inhaled toxic air. ...read more.


In 1969, the United States Congress passed the National Environmental Policy Act requiring studies of the environment to be done before oil drilling or any other study that could potentially damage the environment. This act has helped the US make the world a much cleaner and safer place.3 Although we have these restrictions accidents still happen. In 2003 alone, there was 42,000 tons of oil spilled in 19 different spills. It is getting better from year to year, though. In comparison, in 195 there was around 34 spills that spills compared the previously mentioned 19 in 2003. In conclusion, I feel that more and more people are becoming educated about oil spills and their effects of the well being of animals and humans alike. They also learned that ships are not the only threats out there. It causes lots of trouble and other alternatives should be found immediately. ...read more.

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