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Original Writing I find it hard to believe that aliens launched an attack a few days ago on earth and I never knew that they really existed. It occurred so suddenly that no one knew

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Nabeel Nawaz

GCSE English Coursework

The Diary of the last Person

The Diary of the last Person

First Entry: May 10th 2007

It is now three days since my life has been changed once and for all. It was three days ago that I turned 18 but did I know what was going to take place on that day. Before all this I used to go to college and I was supposed to be going to university but all these dreams have been shattered by the recent events that have taken place.

I have decided to keep this diary so that one day yet to come it will be found and the human race would be able to know what happened in World War 3.

I find it hard to believe that aliens launched an attack a few days ago on earth and I never knew that they really existed. It occurred so suddenly that no one knew that they were setting up an invasion on the planet earth and their intention to eliminate mankind. All around here it is all gone dead before this city used to be really busy but now you can’t hear anything at all as like the place has been abandoned for years.

It was judgment day, that’s what it was all you could see were the national guards and the army trying to defend the people but there were too many of them they just kept on coming and coming.

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There is no shelter, no fire to keep our bodies warm and the water is dry and people all around me are dying of dehydration. As I walk to get food and shelter there are people who are left dead on roads and pavements and survivors who are desperate in search to dig out their family members out of the rubble. People are freezing with cold and are desperate to make fire by using stones. Children and babies are left alone waiting for rescue but their is no hope. Everyone is dying every second and I can’t bear to understand this soreness. Why does it have to be like this?

Third Entry: June 2007

One month after the tragedy I am so alone since last couple of weeks the numbers of survivor’s are dying out it’s like being isolated from the outside. I don’t want to go out because there are still some army defense divisions battling the machines from outer space. There are guns and missile fire at the background but they gradually are fading away.

I am really afraid, what am I going to do. Alien troops are looking for any humans that have continued to exist so that they could finish them off. It looks like that I am the only one alive here so that is the reason I don’t want to be eaten by one of those bad machines.

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Their planet was dying or destroyed; perhaps in one of the way recommended was to invade planet earth.

The aliens making their way from their planet to ours was the use of superior technology and the NASA scientists at John Kennedy’s space station on earth have researched, though to a limited extents, the concept of wormholes which can offer almost direct travel from any point in the universe to any other point in the universe so the scientists think that the aliens came to earth by using one of these wormholes.

At that time of the war assuming that if the global conturies were going to launch a nuclear strike to the mother ship it would have not still stopped the invasion taking place on earth.

What now?

So their planet was in danger and they are now living on our planet what does this mean for the humans.

The United Nations and the European Union had meetings last week and

decided that a peace agreement would be brought between the alien’s and the humans.

The United Nations Spokesman -

The planet has been separated into two parts one belongs to the human race and the other to the alien race.

Their were a lot of fatalities on both sides so their for today we are signing a treaty with the alien race that in the approaching future their will never ever be a war which could trigger to world war 4.

The aliens and the humans from now on are all evenly balanced once and for all.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE The Earth and Beyond section.

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