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Osmosis in potato cells

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We are planning an investigation too show Osmosis in potato cells. We will then calculate the concentration of the cell sap solution in the vacuole. Osmosis is diffusion of water molecules from an area of high concentration of water (a dilute sugar solution) to an are of low concentration of water (concentrated sugar solution) through a partially/selectively permeable membrane Method The investigation will be performed in a safe way by: 1. Wearing goggles at all times to protect eyesight. 2. Making sure all equipment is clean and there are no other chemicals in them. 3. Be care full not to sill any chemicals 4. Equipment needed 4 test tubes 1 pair of venier callipers 1 potato corer 1 stop watch and 3 pipettes for more accurate measurement Chemicals needed 1 Mole of Sucrose solution 2 Potatoes Plan I will obtain accurate ...read more.


Change No change Concentration Temperature of solution and room Size of test tubes Equipment used Batch of chemicals Size of potato (surface area) Length of time (24hrs) The things that will effect how well the experiment will work are: 1 Inaccurate measuring of the solutions. 2 Inaccurate measuring of the time 3 Unclean beakers causing contamination 4 Spillage of chemicals during the experiment 5 Inaccurate measurements of the potato sizes Controlling the variables The variables will be controlled extremely well. The only variable that will change is the concentration of sucrose solution that will be done with accuracy using measuring tubes and pipettes. * The surface area of the potatoes will be kept exactly the same by using potato corers and vernier callipers to take accurate samples. ...read more.


Why my is this a good experiment This is a god plan because: * This is not an instant reaction there is a start and a finish, because the particles in both the solutions do not have that much Kinetic energy and do not react as quickly as other solutions. * It is a none hazardous reaction because there again is not that much Kinetic energy in the solutions * There is a clear change as the sulphur is precipitated, because it changes from transparent to white opaque. * It is only affected by temp, which speeds up or down (depending on the temperature hot or cold) the kinetic movement which in tern increases or decreases that probability of a collision which is directly proportional to the time the reaction takes to become opaque. This plan is good for carrying out this investigation Prediction ?? ?? ?? ?? K.Milonidis Page 1 28/04/2007 ...read more.

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