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Osmosis Investigation

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Biology 1 G.C.S.E Assessment Plan: We are trying to investigate the osmotic effect on varying concentrations of Stock M Sucrose solution when mixed with potato chips of a certain size. Manipulated variable: Concentration of sucrose solution Responding variable: Shape, mass and surface area of potato chips Controlled variables: Volume of solution Time in Solution Skin left on potato Temperature of Solution Raw potato Same type of potato In this experiment we are investigating what effects the change of concentration would make on the size of the potato chips and so concentration will be the manipulated variable, i.e. the one we will deliberately change. We will alter this variable by using different molar concentrations for each of the separate tests, for example for one of the tests I will choose 20cm3 of Stock M Sucrose solution which has a molar concentration of 1 (1M) and so on and so forth for each different test. The different solutions are made into different concentrations by adding certain amounts of water and certain amounts of undiluted sucrose solution, for the strong concentrations there are obviously more parts of sucrose solution than before until the 1M solution which is pure sucrose. I will make one observation for each of the separate concentrations of solution and then trade results with four other pupils in order to get a wide range of results from which I can derive an average for each of the solutions and this will be the responding variable. ...read more.


20 0 0 16 4 0.2 12 8 0.4 8 12 0.6 4 16 0.8 0 20 1 After the concentrations are made up they will be poured into separate boiling tubes and labelled. I will then cut up my chips so that they are all 50mm in length, I will then blot them with filter paper to remove any excess water that may be coating them and then I will place two chips in each boiling tube with their own separate solutions. The chips will be left in their boiling tubes with their bungs on for exactly twenty-five minutes. After this time the chips will be removed and blotted again before re-measuring. I will then record the new lengths and calculate the average change in length for each potato chip. Risk assessment There are a few safety aspects that need to be considered during this investigation and they will be examined in the risk assessment below. * Leave bags and belongings tucked under benches- bags and others things can be dangerous if left around as they could cause pupils to trip and hurt themselves or damage apparatus. * Be careful with scissors- as they are very sharp and can potentially cause a fatal wound if not handled correctly. Obtaining Evidence Concentration Of Solution (M) Starting length (mm) Finishing Length (mm) ...read more.


If I were to repeat the experiment I would have possibly used an apple borer to cut the potato, as it would ensure that all potatoes would be the same weight and shape. I could also weigh each chip on a more accurate scale, e.g. not to 0.00 I could also weigh each chip on a more accurate scale, e.g. not to 0.0g but maybe to even 0.000g g but maybe to even 0.000g As well as the potato I could have found a more accurate way to measure out the solutions and to determine the molar concentrations. Perhaps I could have used a burette or even a petit pipette. This would ensure that I have an accurate amount of fluid in each test tube. There were not many anomalous results except one, which strayed drastically off the line, although some were not as close to the line as others. When the potato chips were removed from the test tubes and dried I might have dried some potatoes more thoroughly than others due to the time restraints of the lesson and so some would have had excess water, which would add to the mass. If the experiment was repeated I could find another way to dry the potatoes that would ensure that all were dried in the same way at the same time. Overall I think my experiment was truly successful and I was pleased with my results, which reflected my initial prediction. ...read more.

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