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Osmosis Investigation coursework

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Osmosis The aim of the investigation is to investigate the osmotic effect that different concentration solutions of salt and distilled water, have on a potato chip. Osmosis is The diffusion of water across a membrane, that is permeable to water but not to solutes, from a region of low solute concentration, to one where the solute concentration is higher. Preliminary experiment For the preliminary experiment, I have chosen to vary the concentration of the salt solution. This will give me a more varied set of results, from which I can make a good conclusion. Firstly I cut the potato chips to a standard size, so the mass of each chip was approximately 0.9 grams. I then poured my 2 solutions to a volume of 40 millilitres in a 100 millilitre beaker, and put my chips in the beakers. My results turned out as I expected. The 1 molar solution did not gain any weight, whereas the 0 molar solution did. Concentration of Solution (M) Time (minutes) Mass Before (g) ...read more.


The first being to leave all my chips in for an hour. The second thing being to use molar solutions of: 0, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 and 1. (I have shown how I made them in a table below.) To start the experiment, firstly I cut the potato chips to a standard size width and length with the core borer. I then weighed them. The mass of each chip was approximately 1.3 grams, but they did vary. I then mixed together my solutions so the total volume was 50 millilitres. I did this because it was easier to work out the values of the different molar solutions I had to mix together. I then put my chips in the beakers. When the 60 minutes was up, I took the chips straight out of the solution, dabbed the excess water off with a paper towel, and weighed them again recording my results as I weighed each one. Concentration Table To make my experiment fair, I need to control the variables listed so they are constant. ...read more.


Conclusion In conclusion, I found that osmosis occurs the most with distilled water. I expected this because to my scientific knowledge, I already knew that the less dilute solution would travel to the more dilute solution. In this case it was the salt moving from the potato to the Distilled water. But when I tested a higher solution, 0.2 molar, it proved that the potato had less salt than the solution as it gained mass. Evaluation I think that my experiment went well and was quite accurate. If I could do it again and make it better I would do lots of things such as: * Cut my potato chips more accurately by measuring the width of the original potato slice, making sure it was equal all round. * Not use straws to mark the chips. Because when the straws are put in place, they are piercing the potato. Therefore it could of affected my results. * Use more accurate scales. (One that goes to more decimal places) To make my results more accurate. * Use more solutions. Such as 0.05, 0.1, 0.15, etc. * Leave the potato chip in for a longer period of time. By Frankie Baker ...read more.

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