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Osmosis Project

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Osmosis Project What is Osmosis? Osmosis is basically the movement of water molecules from a dilute system solution to a concentrated solution, through a partially permeable membrane. Water molecules are able to pass through the cell membrane because they diffuse whereas sugar molecules are larger and cannot diffuse as easily therefore not being able to pass through. Cell membranes are like visking tubes because they will let some substances through but not others. They are partially permeable membranes. Osmosis is a very important process which enables plants to support themselves by absorbing water and minerals through a partially permeable membrane. Plants are often surrounded by a film of water and a solution. Cell membranes often separate the two and Osmosis will occur. Hot water diffuses and enters at a faster rate because there is more energy whereas cold water enters at a slower rate because there is less energy. What do we have to do? To carry out the Osmosis project we have to measure the amount of water and solution that enters carrot tissue through the partially permeable membrane. ...read more.


When an object is placed into a hypotonic solution the water diffuse into the cell causing it to swell. High - Water Low - Solution Carrot tissue Isotonic Solution These solutions contain the same amount of solute as another solution. When an object is placed into isotonic solution the water diffuse in and out of the object at the same rate. Basic Plan For my experiment I will be using different strengths of solution to determine whether the weight of the carrot changes due to the occurrence of Osmosis. I will use five test tubes; each with different strengths of solution in. below is a diagram of how strong each solution will be. - Water - Solution Test Tube 1 - 100% Solution - 0% Water Test Tube 2 - 80% Solution - 20% Water Test Tube 3 - 60% Solution - 40% Water Test Tube 4 - 40% Solution - 60% Water Test Tube 5 - 20% Solution - 80% Water Test Tube 6 - 0% Solution - 100% Water I will start the experiment by cutting each carrot into equal sizes and weigh them to make it a fair test. ...read more.


If you do not weigh them at the right time the results will be incorrect and unfair. - Solution and Water - When using the solution and water always make sure you know which one is which. If you don't you may totally ruin the experiment and have completely wrong results. Predictions I predict that the carrot put into the test tube containing the strongest solution will be most affected by osmosis. This is because the molecules in the solution are larger therefore when they are absorbed by the carrot; the carrot will gain more weight. Due to the carrot absorbing the larger, heavier molecules the carrot will weigh the most and therefore be the most effected by osmosis. Larger molecules These molecules are larger because the solution is stronger. I predict that the carrot put into the test tube containing the weakest solution will be affected least by osmosis. This is because the molecules in the solution are smaller therefore when they are absorbed by the carrot the carrot wont gain that much weight. Due to the carrot absorbing the smallest, lightest molecules the carrot will be least effected by osmosis. Smaller molecules These molecules are smaller because the solution is weaker ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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