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Overfishing - The End Of The Line

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´╗┐The End Of The Line What is the issue? The main issue to be discussed in this essay is that we are taking too much fish out of the sea for human consumption. So this is not giving them a chance to reproduce and to sustain fish stocks around the world. However the real challenge is to get people to know the danger of what is happening and what we need to do about it. How do we know that this is the problem? We are becoming more aware of this problem thanks to oceanographers, environmental campaigners and even films like The End of the Line which highlights major issues in the fishing industry. ...read more.


Only 1% of fish is recovering, a very poor statistic. Which species are most at risk? Why? Here are the most endangered species: 1. Blue fin tuna These fish are being wiped out because of their high price in restaurants and their stocks have depleted incredibly 2. Chinook salmon These live in the north west of the pacific and their habitats or places where they spawn is being destroyed. Scientists predict that by 2016 we won?t have any Chinooks left in the world. 3. Steelhead trout Steelhead trout are live in Californian Rivers. Since the 1950s the Steelhead Trout population has decreased by 90 percent. ...read more.


Explosive fishing One of the worst ways of fishing because the dynamite that explodes doesn?t only kill fish but all the coral and this is why it prohibited in many countries . What should we do as individuals and as a nation? There are many things that we could do as individuals and as a nation. As individuals, one thing we could do is only buy fish that are certified by known fish protecting agencies. Also don?t buy fish from fish farms because it?s one of the worst ways of getting fish. As a nation we should put pressure on MPs, MEPs to take the matter of fish seriously and to propose protections on depleted fish and fully exploited fish. By Abdul Mahmoud 10.2 ...read more.

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