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Physics Book Report - Book Title : The Flying Circus of Physics with Answers.

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Physics Book Report 1

      Book Title : The Flying Circus of Physics with Answers

   Author : Jearl Walker

      Translator : 葉偉文

       Publisher : Commonwealth Publishing Co. Ltd.

No. of pages :  273

        The collection of The Flying Circus of Physics with Answers contains three books, and the one I read is the Chinese version of the first book. It has many questions and answers on various topics, and in this book, it is about Force and Waves. These questions are usually about phenomena happening around us.

For example, some kind of a pattern can be seen if you shine light vertically onto the surface of a cup of hot tea. That is because if the bottom part of the tea is hotter than the surface, hot waves will rise while the colder ones will go to the bottom, and therefore produces the pattern. Sometimes the patterns look like those of the honeycombs and sometimes look like clouds.  

Also, there is actually a differential between the two left-right wheels in the car, and so allow the outer wheels rotate faster than the inner ones and thus the car can make a turn.

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These are all related to our daily life. If two trains at high speeds of adjacent railways do not slow down when they meet, the windows of the trains, may be broken! Because a high pressure is built in front of the train while a low pressure is produced behind the train. As two trains meet, the low-pressure area between the two trains will pull the windows out, and if the trains do not reduce their speed, the force will be so big that they break the window!

As birds fly, their wings will cause a rising air behind them, as a result, if they fly in a “V” shape, the birds behind can fly with less effort as the rising air helps them. And, as a person dies, the body decays, producing some gases that make the corpse float.

The question I found most interesting is about distinguishing uncooked and cooked egg. If you do not know whether an egg is cooked or not, just rotate it, use the finger to stop it and then remove the finger immediately.

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When I flipped to the answer, it said that some famous physicists like George Gamow, Robert Oppenheimer and Felix Bloch also answered this question wrongly!

I think this book’s presentation is also very good, as the question- and-answer presentation allows the author to present his ideas in a more interactive way, allowing the readers to think, and also avoid very lengthy and difficult explanations. It said in the cover of the book that this collection of books was also translated to French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. However, some questions in the book are not answered, and the author asks the reader to find the answer themselves by searching information or doing experiments. I do not like this arrangement, as some of the experiments are difficult to perform. It is quite hard to find out the answer. Also the translation is not very good. Some sentences are weird.

On the whole, I find the book interesting, useful and interactive. The explanations are clear and easy to understand.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Forces and Motion section.

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