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Physics coursework

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Physics coursework

Skill P Planning:

We are using constantan wire to check the resistance thought wire; our variant is going to be the different length of wire. We choose this because it seemed like an interesting variant and it might proof to me that in certain cases it would be more acceptable and also safer to use for example a longer piece of wire rather then a smaller one.

To do our experiment we will use the following apparatus

  • Power pack
  • Constantan wire
  • Amp meter

We as a group will cut different lengths of constantan wire and attach them indirectly to a power pack thought a voltage meter and amp meter. Our lengths vary in order form 20cm to 100 cm.

As preliminary work we replaced our constantan wire with small strands of wire wool, this was to allow us to get used to our apparatus and to see if we can perfect or at least get some sort of idea of our procedure.

I had predicted that the wire wool will not be effective if there is too much energy travel thought it as the wire would heat up allowing the electrons to travel with less ease.

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0.3 amps

0.6 V


Second experiment

20 cm

0.78 amps

0.4 V


40 cm

0.52 amps

0.5 V


60 cm

0.39 amps

0.5 V


80 cm

0.32 amps

0.6 V


100 cm

0.28 amps

0.6 V


Third experiment

20 cm

0.9 amps

0.4 V


40 cm


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When then attach the other equipment to it.Then we start the experiment, we are constantly checking the  our measurements to make sure that we had everything that we were going to do correctly.We then out our results into a table.

When I look at our experiment results table and then look at my earlier production of I see that my production seemed to be overall accurate. Each 20 cm that was increased so did the resistance.

 I found out that when ever any one is using wire the should make sure that they have decided the correct length of the wire that you are planning to use as this will greatly affect how effective this wire is, if the wire is to short you probably find that the ending result will be similar to our results in our preliminary experiment and you might possible find that you start some sort of electrical fire.

If there would be any changes that I would make to my experiment as a whole it would be have more lengths of wire to experiment with, these would mean that our results would have more data in therefore be more accurate when looking at our data as a whole.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Electricity and Magnetism section.

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