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GCSE Physics Coursework

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GCSE Physics Coursework - Resistance of a Wire Coursework Introduction We are finding the resistance a length of copper wire by using a vote meter (V) and a ammeter (A) Tables Length of wire (mm) Current (A) Voltage (V) 100 8.23 0.60 200 6.63 1.04 300 6.03 1.26 400 5.70 1.45 500 5.23 1.41 600 4.93 1.54 700 4.38 1.49 800 4.25 1.65 900 4.11 1.68 1000 7.99 6.80 Length of wire (mm) Current (A) ...read more.


This happens then the wire is longer there are more free elections to collide with other free elections. Therefore more energy will be lost as heat Also when the length of the wire is doubled the resistance will also be doubled, is happens because is will double the collisions, then this will double the energy lost. Method 1. One metre length of 0.4mm diameter of copper wire is fixed to a metre rule. 2. The first crocodile clip is clipped to the wire at the 0cm position on the metre rule. ...read more.


5. The power supply is then turned off and the second crocodile clip is moved to the next position. The above steps are completed for each length and then the entire investigation is repeated for accuracy. Safety With this experiment there was one hazard, the power pack has a high voltage so we kept it at 6V Conclusion There is a direct link between the length and the resistance. The longer the wire the higher the resistance. Evaluation. There is some variation between them so more readings for each one will increase the accuracy ?? ?? ?? ?? Kieran Denny Oasis Academy Mayfield Cand:8288 Kieran Denny Oasis Academy Mayfield Cand:8288 ...read more.

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