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Planet Earth: Doomed.

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Planet Earth: Doomed

For man shall doom the blue home

 First, in his ignorance

Then, in his negligence

Green shall be brown

Blue shall be gone

The skies cry tears that wound

 For man’s stupidity will poison the ground

 Everything will die.

Unless…(not completed)’

~ Extract from a letter, a ‘prophet’ to a friend apparently, urging him to preserve the scripts as a warning to future generation.

In the year 2187, a project was funded; its purpose was to create war machines of horrific power. The project founders and financiers thought that bringing in such awesome power into the market would immediately bring an uproar handing them the power required to create a peace, even if the peace was a hostile one. They hoped that they would have to do this without having to make an ‘example’ of the power.  The inspiration of this was their dim remembrance of the way nuclear weapons long time ago gave countries the ability to ‘make the rules’. But,

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‘ The experiment is almost complete.’ Cyross announced. “I wonder how this will turn out” Cyross stood there in the hall of the lab making new creatures and experimenting with them, making the perfect weapon.

Cyross saw that if he merged two or more creatures they will result in a more complex and stronger creature to fight against any odds Cyross purpose was to make war machines so he could destroy his opponents. “This isn’t working the way I want it to work, what does one have to do to get things right!” Cyross exclaimed. “I want my revenge I need it to settle things right between me and this world, if I don’t have it my way then…”

While Cyross was very frustrated at his enemies he accidentally threw gunpowder into the DNA pond. At that moment Cyross saw the particles of the gun powder started to fuse and interact with the DNA and in a matter of seconds

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Cyross realized this too late and he waited as the planet earth meets its doom. It took about 2000 genics in total to destroy the entire fleet of the army and they didn’t have much of a choice but to destroy the enemy so they went into all the countries and unleashed their wrath upon the people there and the buildings and the agriculture...everything.

Cyross last words where “I was no better that them, I was driven by hatred and I wanted revenge.” “I will never forgive my self” Cyross shouted in rage when he picked up a gun and finally killed himself.

The planet earth met its doom. Earth’s doom didn’t consist of destruction it consisted of people driven by hatred and greed and that’s made the earth has to face every single day,they only way we can help earth is to become better poeple

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE The Earth and Beyond section.

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