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Premature Babies

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´╗┐One World Essay; Premature Babies There are many factors that may lead to a woman having premature birth. It could be previous premature births, multiple miscarriages, multiple abortions, trauma, physical injury, twins, triplets, etc, having less than six months between two pregnancies, vitro fertilization, problematic uterus, cervix or placenta, too much stress, overweight before pregnancy, underweight before pregnancy, diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, drinking, taking illicit drugs, poor nutrition and infections in amniotic fluid or lower genital tract. Although there are many known risk factors that may lead to premature birth, many women who have premature births has no known risk factor, and for some unknown reason, black women has a higher chance of getting a miscarriage. A baby grows from an embryo, which consists of a bundle of cells, to a fetus. The non-scientific term is just baby. The word baby is more commonly used when the fetus is at a stage where you can see its physical features using an ultra sound. A pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks from the missed menstruation of the woman. At 3 weeks, the fertilized egg travels from the oviduct to the uterus. As it travels, it divides over and over again and by the time it reaches the uterus, it has become a mass of about 100 cells. ...read more.


It is already starting to practice breathing and swallowing, and the skin is becoming more complex with the different layers. At 25 weeks, the fetus is about 1.5 pounds in weight, and 13.7 inches long from head to toe. The capillaries form and the many structures of the spine are also forming. In the 30th week of pregnancy, the fetus weighs about 2.9 pounds and is about 15.7 inches long. It is now moving around in the belly and the mother can feel it. Other people may feel this movement if they put their hand on the belly of the expectant mother. The amniotic fluid is starting to decrease as the baby is slowly taking up more space. At 35 weeks, the average fetus weighs at least 5.3 pounds and is about 18.2 inches in length. It is gaining fat to get it's body ready to keep warm outside the womb. The suckle reflexes are now developed. In the 40th week of pregnancy, all the physical appearances are fully formed and the baby is ready for the life outside the womb. Common wight is around 7.5 pounds and a length of about 20 to 21 inches. Babies born after the 37th week of pregnancy is called 'term' and has a high rate of survival, and on the other side, babies ...read more.


There are different societal factors involved with the issue of premature babies. A commonly talked about question on this issue is whether the doctors should consider the quality of life of premature babies who are born with congenital defects. Babies born at 22-23 weeks of pregnancy, have an extremely low chance of survival. It is therefore commonly agreed to not give intensive treatment to these babies as it is not morally right to put the baby through the pain and stress of invasive treatment if the baby is still unlikely to get any better. The decision on whether to put a baby in treatment is an agreement between the parents and the doctors involved. In many countries abortion is legal until quite late in pregnancy. For example in the United Kingdoms, abortion can be done up to the 24th week. At 24 weeks, there is a 39% possibility that the baby could survive if it was born at that point. It is therefore rather cruel to do an abortion at this stage in pregnancy or after. As premature birth treatment technology improves, abortion laws needs to get stricter as the likeliness of the baby surviving at 24 weeks will increase. This one world essay relates to the AOI of health and social education because it teaches you about how science can save the lives of babies born prematurely and securing those the health for their future. ...read more.

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