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Procedure For Titrations

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Procedure For Titrations 1. Three 50cm^3 burettes will be washed out, one with 1 mol.dm^-3 propanone solution, one with 1 mol.dm^-3 Sulphuric acid solution, and one with 0.02 mol.dm^-3 solution. 2. Each burette will be filled with the solution it was washed out with. 3. Seven 250cm^3 will be labelled 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 mins and will be filled with 0.5 mol.dm^-3 Sodium hydrogen carbonate solution. 4. Into another 250cm^3 conical flask, 50cm^3 of 0.02 mol.dm^-3 iodine solution will be added. ...read more.


NB: The mixture must be added into the right conical flask i.e. after five minutes the first withdrawal must be put into the flask that says five minutes etc. 8. Into each of the conical flasks containing the new mixture, a few drops of fresh starch solution will be added. 9. Another burette will be washed out and filled up with 0.01 mol.dm^-3 sodium thiosulphate solution. 10. Carefully, the sodium thiosulphate will be titrated against the (iodine/propanone/acid/carbonate) ...read more.


13. Steps 10-12 will be repeated for all the 6 remaining conical flask. 14. Steps 3-13 will be repeated in order to gain an average of all three titrations. NB: The three average titrations for each time must be at least within 0.5ml to eachother in order for them to be valid. 15. The exact temperature of the solution will be recorded. 16. Steps 3-13 will be repeated for approximately 30, 40, 50 and 60 degrees centigrade by placing the solutions into a water bath before reacting them. NB: The temperatures do not need to be exactly as stated in step 16 but the exact temperature must be recorded. ...read more.

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