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Providing Geothermal, Biomass, Solar and Wind Energy to Ashton Island

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Ashton Island.



David Valoczky.

There are two main ways in which the buildings could be heated. If the building was built on the north East Side of the island there could be a very good supply of heat. This could be through geothermal energy underground. The laboratory could have two pipes. One of them would run down under the ground until we would be able to access hot water, which could then be brought up in the form of steam through the pipe which, would also end up in the laboratory. This could be used to heat the laboratory and it could also provide hot water for washing. The steam, which would come up from the ground, could also be used to drive turbines, which could then turn generators to create electricity. This would be a small tiny geothermal power station.image04.pngimage00.png

   Another advantage of this site is the fact that nearby there is a hot spring. It would save money harnessing the hot water from here because we would not have to drill underground. In order to harness heat from here we would simply have to run

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  Another way of supplying heat for cooking the food would be by harnessing the fast-flowing streams. The proposed site would have a fast flowing stream very near to it and therefore it would be possible to place a turbine in a miniature dam at the area where the stream is at its fastest which is at the bottom of the 200 m high land. The running motion of the streams would turn this turbine. The turbine could then turn a generator, which would produce electricity very close to the proposed site of the buildings. The electricity could then be linked up to a boiler or cooker which would produce hot water and heat in order to create hot food.image05.png

A way of supplying energy to run the machinery would be to use windmills. The optimal position to place the windmills would be on the highest point on the island. This would be on the 500m hill, which is located very near to the proposed site. This is so the southwest winds can blow the windmills. The windmills would spin and they would turn a generator, which would produce electricity. After the electricity would have been generated, it would be supplied with cables down to the laboratory and the cooling equipment.

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  Another aspect of the limited money would be the fact that they may not be able to purchase the vast amounts of machinery needed to generate electricity like the turbines and the generators and therefore we would not be able to have such a vast amount and variety of different methods of harnessing electricity. Another aspect which would have to be considered on a limited budget would be the purchase of the equipment in order to extract the energy and the network through which it would have to run in order to be successfully linked up to all the equipment and finally the workforce which would be needed to construct the equipment and set it all up could be very timely and costly.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Electricity and Magnetism section.

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