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Research Question:How will music affect the growth of a plant BackgroundPlant growth is the development of seeds of a plant, which

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The Effect of Music on Plant Growth Abdel Rahman Negm IB Biology HL II Mr. Connors December 4, 2005 Introduction Research Question: How will music affect the growth of a plant Background Plant growth is the development of seeds of a plant, which might be surrounded by a protective and nutrient rich layer called the fruit, into plant tissue that includes roots, leaves, and the stem (along with all the cells and other things that this tissue is composed of) to create a fully functioning, living, multi-cellular, eukaryotic organism that lacks the ability to move (a plant). Their growth is affected by several factors that include soil moisture, soil pH, sunlight, nitrogen-content of the soil and more. If some these factors are affected in negative ways, then there can be some negative outcomes on the plant itself which could include death. Music might also be one of these affecting factors. In this experiment, two very young plants (pinto bean sprouts - Phaseolus vulgaris) will be planted at the same time and will have the same amount of everything; from sunlight to the amount of water they get daily. ...read more.


180 ml of water 2 plant pots - top opening is 4 inch diamter 2x '500g' of garden soil 500 watt stereo Metric Ruler Linkin Park Album - Hybrid Theory 100 ml graduated cylinder Method and Procedure 1. Take the 2 plant pots and fill them each with 500 g of garden soil 2. Then, take a pinto bean and plant it in each of the pots; plant each bean so that it is just barely submerged under the soil. 3. Then, take each pot to a different location, but a location in which both plants will be exposed to the same amount of sunlight, heat, etc... 4. Then, just leave one plant in the serenity of its surroundings (it's the control) and place the 500 watt stereo next to the other plant. Put the CD into the stereo and have the stereo play at about three-fourths its full volume and have it play next to the plant and have it play for a minimum of 7 hours next to the plant. Look at the diagram below for more information. 5. At noon give both plants 30 ml of water using the graduated cylinder. Do this again at 6 p.m. ...read more.


There was only one trial instead of several and the experiment in this one trial was over a 48 hour period and it should have been longer so that the true comparison of the difference between a plant grown with music and a plant grown without music can be easily made. 2. Only one type of music (rock) was used and so it is now unknown whether different kinds of music and sound also act as a different stimulus for the plant. Suggestions for Improvement To create a much better and more reliable experiment, the experiment should be carried on for about a 4 day period in order to acquire more results than can show the differences between plants with and without music. Then, there should be at least 3 different plants; one control, one with a type of music, and another with a different type of music. This then will help to go deeper and explore this stimulus of sound toward plants on different levels. This entire experiment should then be at least repeated one more time to ensure plausible results. ...read more.

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