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Resistance Of a Piece of Wire

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Investigating the Resistance of a Piece of Wire?

What is Resistance:

When an electric current is flowing round a conductor, free moving electrons flow in the spaces between atoms. As they do this, they eventually collide with the atoms in the wire. This is resistance. Resistance is measured in Ohms.

Resistance = Voltage/Current (Ohms Law), I will be able to work out the resistance of the wire by measuring the voltage and dividing it by the current running through the wire.

Aim:To investigate how the resistance of a piece of wire varies with length and to find the length of wire needed to generate the amount of resistance needed.

Variables:The controlled variables will be the room temperature and the wire material, because they will both will have an effect on the resistance if they are not controlled. The dependant variable would be the resistance, because it is dependant on the length of wire. The independent variable would be, the length of the wire.

Safety: Whilst doing the experiment some safety measures have to be taken into consideration. Crocodile clips can be dangerous if , and

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of wire


 Length of wire (cm)




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By looking at the graph , I can see that my predictions stated in the planning  is correct. The graph shows that the resistance increased as the length of the wire increased. Also, the resistance changed in relation to the length of the wire. This is because as the length of the wire increased the electrons as part of the current, were forced to travel through more fixed particles in the wire. This caused more collisions between the particles and the current. Therefore there was a higher resistance.

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