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Resistance of a Wire.

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Alison Eatock                          GCSE Physics        

30/11/03                Resistance of a wire



We undertook an experiment to find the relationship between resistance and a length of wire.


Variable resister,

Wire 1m long,

Digital voltmeter,

Digital ammeter,

4 X 1.5 cell,

1m ruler,

Connecting wires.


We collected our equipment needed and set it out as the circuit diagram below. I started by drawing out my results table to record my results on. The headers for the columns where as follows: Length (cm), Current (A), Potential difference (V) and Resistance (I).

At every 10cm we took a reading and entered it into our table. Some flickered between two values so I took both down. Starting at 1m and working down. On the second experiment I started at 10cm and worked the other way to see whether it affected the results. When using the variable resistor we kept it on the minimum resistance throughout the experiment.

While taking the results we had more than one result for the current and potential difference, which in turn caused some results to have more than one resistance value.

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Second experiment:

Length (cm)

Current (A)

Second reading for (A)

Potential difference (V)

Second result for (V)

Resistance Ω (I)

Second result for (I)

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To further our investigation we could go on and use a longer piece of wire 2m and also use different types of wire such as steel and copper. Change the temperature of the wire because wire that is colder is a better conductor.

I believe our results were reliable but need improving by the suggestions I have given above.


  • Hodder and Stoughton – AQA GCSE Physics
  • Class notes
  • CPG Revision and Practice Guide


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