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Rubber Gloves

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Charmaine Lindsay 10G Rubber gloves Standing at the sinks there are mountains of dirty plates and utensils piled up and there are pans left to rot. The pans are encrusted with grease and the plates are covered in revolting leftovers that which have hardened onto the plate. The smell is nauseating and it makes my stomach turn. Its times like this I wonder why I ever became a cleaner, then I remember, I'm broke. The water in the sink is as dirty and foul as the plates in it. The stagnant water has grease slicks which have somehow curdled to the surface like dirt floating to the surface of a pond. ...read more.


As I put them on I discover a wide rip in my left glove and my nail is sticking out the right glove. Perfect! I have to use ripped gloves, all thanks to my long nails. The gloves are ruined already and I had only just taken them out the pack. What am I like? As I plunge my hands into the horrid water filth immediately rushes into the gloves through the rips and holes, making my hands feel like they weigh a ton. I can't describe how putrefying it feels. Bits of leftover food float around inside the gloves, occasionally brushing against my hand, making my skin crawl. ...read more.


It took me a while to realise that I was in a hospital. While I was wondering how I ended up here a doctor comes over and interrupts my thoughts. He explains that the soap I was using was acidic and had corroded away the flesh on my hand completely. I look down at what would be my hands as tears poured out of my eyes. Who could have done this to me? Then it clicked, the family I clean for. They have always hated me, always wanting to hurt me at every chance they get. My sadness quickly turned to anger the more I thought about it. I'm still planning my revenge and I will get them back one day. Until then, they better watch their backs! Charmaine Lindsay 10G ...read more.

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