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Science and Evolution

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Science and Evolution Science tells us everything about the idea of evolution and without science there is no concept of evolution. Science is able to tell us everything the idea of evolution because science created it. Before science there was no other belief of where humans and the earth came from other then in religion and god. Since Darwin discovered evolution science has taken over popular belief. Science makes more sense theoretically and can help us educate ourselves in the future. Before scientist ever started to even think about studying where humans came from or how everything all began people were very content with their religious belief. There are varying stories and beliefs amongst people but the most commonly held belief is the Christian view point and the story of genesis. ...read more.


Science did what religion was not capable of doing and that is; science put facts behind the idea of where the earth and humans came from. Science proves the Christian belief is false and proves there is something else. This is the idea of evolution. Darwin and science created or discovered the concept of evolution. The idea of evolution is that humans, homo sapiens, biological evolution is as a distinct species from other hominans, great apes and placental mammals. Evolution is something people are learning more and more about every year. Everything we know about evolution if from science. Before scientific knowledge humans were thought to be created through religion/god; evolution clearly proved this wrong. ...read more.


These method teach us more about evolution and we are learning more scientific ways to educate ourselves on evolution. In conclusion without science there would have been no way to conjuncture the idea evolution and for that reason science tells us everything we know about evolutions. Before science taught us of the idea of evolution humans were created by the belief of a factious religious story that was not based on fact. Through extensive research and studies Darwin proved the Christian belief to be incorrect. Over time science has taught us a lot about evolution and it is now clear that evolution makes scientific and theoretical sense. We will continue to extend the boundaries of what we know about evolution. We will learn more through education, the study of history, and the encountering of future events. ...read more.

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