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Science Fiction Story

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Science Fiction Story

        Keep driving! Keep driving for heaven’s sake. I pressed the accelerator as hard as I could and left immediately the place. My friend who was sitting next to me had panicked. He didn’t know what was happening.  

        When I felt it was safe enough to talk, I yelled to my friend: The aliens are on the attack. Although we were far enough to see what was really happening, we could hear the engines of the spaceships landing on the trembling ground. Strange creatures like small soldiers

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        Someone had to save the world. Someone had to stop them. Someone with really powerful skills, and belief to himself was the one who was going to save us. Not loosing much time, I drove to my father’s house which was 7 miles away from the attack. I remembered that the key was hidden under the first broken marble of the threshold. I removed the marble and I found a reddish rusty key. I opened the door and at once I ran down the stairs that led to the cellar. There was no light, just a few rays of light coming from the whole at the top of the room.

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        I had to travel to the past, in order to change the situation. I had to prevent the aliens from coming and destroying the Earth. Before entering the box I said to my friend that if anything goes wrong nothing must worry him and continue without me. Without knowing how the time machine worked I made my cross and got inside. I pressed the button “1” and then the button “ago”. I hoped that this would have made me go one year ago and prevent the spaceships before coming nearer to Earth.

        Was it going to be the end of the world?

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE The Earth and Beyond section.

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