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Sean's Diary's

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Chapter One Sean's Diary's 13th January 2001 Today I made the most important deal of my life. I Sean Chapman and 2 others Alec Armatige Jones and James Henaly have merged our small companies and have made conversion co. Nobody can stop us now we have been planning this day for many years and now our dream from coming true not only are we a lot more wealthy we also have an infinite supply of labs and chemicals to for fill our dream. To create the ultimate in bio-weaponry and sell it to the highest bidder. No one can stop us we are untouchable. 1st March 2001 After two months a think I have discovered a primitive form of mutagenic cells living in our bodies. Although it has not been proven yet I think by adding the right chemicals I can make a breed of humans that are extremely versatile and that cannot be stopped easily. I must put more time into this new find I believe that it is the first step towards a bio-weapon that has not been seen in this world since the dawn of time I share this invaluable information with my colleges and we will start experimenting on humans and animals from that point. I have never felt so alive, 23rd March 2001 We have isolated a mutagenic form of the human blood stream it will change humans into zombies it makes horrific monsters out of animals and it will most definitely be very interesting to see how this is spread my first thought was that it was spread by the air but now I see that it is spread by the exchanging of bodily fluids. The zombies and animals attack by biting the victim and so spreading the disease it seems that the zombies try to devour the victim until the virus has defiantly spread. They don't seem to attack each other but the attack only things that are alive but are not infected with the disease. ...read more.


He too had been infected. Chapter 3 Death in the City The rookie police officer was rushed frantically to hospital. The HCCTR had realised that anybody bitten by the zombies would eventually turn into one them selves. The doctors started immediately trying to find a cure 25% of the research team experimented with different mixtures of antibiotics to find a cure that would save the policeman even the HCCTR where called in but there was no success to be found in the near future. The only people who had cures for the dieses where Sean Chapman James Henley and Alec Armatige Jones. He police launched an immediate search of the woods surrounding Harbridge city. The HCCTR were sent a briefing telling them to send three of there members to help with the polices search. The HCCTR chose where Chris Redfeild, Scott Burnside and Leon S Kennedy. The team back at the hospital failed to come up with any results the only other thing they could do was to kill the cop so he didn't turn into a zombie but nobody had the heart to do that and they would regret it!!!! At 3:30 pm on 1st April 2001 the maid came to change the infected cops bed sheet. When she got to the room she could hear some strange noises from the room. She opened the door and saw the cop rotting in his bed she walked slowly and creepily as not to wake the dead to have a look. When she got two inches away from the cops face. The cop turned to a zombie and launched itself into the neck of the maid tearing out the windpipe and killing her instantly. Her sheets flew across the room and knock the door shut. The zombie ripped the flesh from the maid's body blood was everywhere. The blood slowly trickled under the door as the zombie stood up. ...read more.


"As you will be dyeing soon I will let you know. It was the soon of your chief of police I think it was his seventh birthday today. Is he dead, what a pity he would have been a great researcher" explained Sean in an evil voice. "There is no cure for the virus any one bitten will eventually turn to a zombie. Now you must die my ultimate weapon is getting hungry." Just as he said that a huge metal door dropped down in front of Sean and a mighty roar flooded the building. A huge monster dropped from the ceiling smashing the wall behind Leon, Chris and Scott. It turned to face them. It was like a giant human with tubes connecting the veins in his neck somewhere broken spewing what was defiantly a pure form of the z virus everywhere. Its face was half mangled and the body was just torn flesh burnt into place. It walked to wards them when a voice came out the speakers "I hope you and my Tyrant get along together like I know you will HAHAHAHAHA". The tyrant ran towards them causing them to separate all of them started to shoot at the tyrant but none causing any major injuries bullets and blood was spraying every where. The monster turned to Scott and started to run. It smashed Scott over they head causing his skull to break as the hand made contact. Scott's eyes mouth and nose where bleeding as the monster attacked again. It walked over picked Scott up by his Head and smashed it against the wall. This time the whole head exploded against the wall. All that was left of his head and neck was a small stump of a neck bone. The monster turned to Leon as Chris ran past the monster and picked up all of Scott's weapons and a grenade. Chris pulled the pin and threw it at the tyrants' head. Chris and Leon ran from the room as the grenade exploded. But that was not the end of tyrant or the zombies it was only just starting. ...read more.

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