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Should we build more nuclear power stations?

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Should we build more nuclear power stations?

In this essay I am going to investigate into the topic of nuclear power. I am going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of using nuclear generated electricity as oppose to the burning of fossil fuels and the use of renewable energy. The issue of pollution caused by these sources of electricity will also be discussed in this essay and compared to each of the other sources. The reality is we need more generated electricity as you can see from the graph; the energy we need is rising and is expected to keep rising.


But at the same time, we must not generate more greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. The over production of greenhouse gases is currently a very important issue because the already very high, and increasing levels of greenhouse gases is leading to global warming, I found this information from wikipedia,(www.wikipedia.com / Greenhouse Gases). Governments around the world have agreed to the Kyoto protocol which means that they have agreed to be working towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions and therefore lowering pollution because the temperatures are

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There is a huge amount of energy produced from a small amount of fuel.There is only a very small amount of waste produced.Nuclear power is reliable.Fossil fuels are running out in the near future (oil is predicted to run out around 2030), whereas uranium will not run out for a very long time.


        As with everything there are also many disadvantages of using nuclear power, but the question is, do the advantages overcome the disadvantages, so is nuclear power, overall, a good idea or bad?

  • Although not much waste is produced, the waste is highly toxic and must be sealed up properly and buried for many years i.e. 1000s of years, to allow the radiation to ‘leak away’ for the area to become safe again.
  • People do not want to live near a radioactive dumping ground because of the danger, and because of this house prices around these areas dramatically fall.
  • Although a lot of money has spent on safety, if it does go wrong then a nuclear accident can be a major disaster. E.g. at Chernobyl in Ukraine went into meltdown and caused major radiation all across Europe, some radioactive dust, called fallout, landed in the UK.
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The following are sites from which I have found research to use in this essay.

  • www.darvill.clara.net/alternerg/nuclear.htm
  • www.wikipedia.com
  • www.uspirg.org/home/reports/report-arhives/healthy-communities/the-high-cost-of-nuclear-power-why-maryland-cant-afford-a-new-reactor

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Radioactivity section.

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