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Should we clone humans?

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T.O.K Essay (Should we clone humans?) When I was young, I was used to read books and watch movies about fantasy on every weekend. That was the great source of happiness to me at that time. The reason that I was mad about fantasy novels and movies was that story in novel and movie cannot be happened in our life that is, there was no reality in the story. That can be happened only in the story in novel and movie. That was the major point that I was attracted by the stories in fantasy novel and movies. However, what I have believed it is impossible to happen is becoming reality such as cloning human. ...read more.


4. We could clone a person who influenced on society. For example, we could clone Einstein who has tremendous impact on modern science. Apart from Einstein, we could clone many kind of person who is very famous. If I was a scientist who can clone the human, I would clone Jesus Christ for mankind and Schweitzer who will be private doctor in my house and Beethoven who will be my music teacher and David Beckham who will be my soccer trainer and so on. How exiting story it is! What would be negative aspects if we clone the human? 1. Human cloning will impair the dignity of men. Let us suppose that you are produced in a factory by human cloning. ...read more.


Only 7 percent said they would clone themselves if they had the opportunity. (http://www.cnn.com/TECH/9703/01/clone.poll/index.html) As you know, human cloning has been treated as the magic. However, we are faced with reality. What we thought it is impossible to happen in our life have happened. But as I mentioned above, there will be both positive aspects and negative aspects if we clone the human. So it is very difficult to make a decision which one will be good for human. because both sides have reasonable reasons. In other words, both sides can't show us decisive reasons. Therefore we need to discuss about it very cautiously before we try to clone. That is our future and that is our problem related to our life directly. ...read more.

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