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Should Whale hunting be banned

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Source Key: 1) WIKIPEDIA 2) BBC 3) STIMULUS MATERIAL 4) YAHOO ANSWES Ali Ali 11W Should whale hunting be banned? Whaling is the hunting of whales mainly for meat and oil. Its earliest forms dates to at least 3,000 BC.Various coastal communities have long histories of sustenance whaling and harvesting beached whales. Industrial whaling emerged with organized fleets in the 17th century; competitive national whaling industries in the 18th and 19th centuries; and the introduction of factory ships along with the concept of whale harvesting in the first half of the 20th century. (This information was taken from Wikipedia and could be very unreliable due to Wikipedia being a public information database and it could be edited anytime by anyone making it possible for some of the things written here false.(1) Why people hunt whales We hunt for Wales because the demands for products have gone up and whales help us produce these luxuries e.g. ...read more.


Also all the luxuries and necessities whales give us will be gone due them being extinct we won't be able to get our oil and belts, shoes and bangs or lipstick, ointment and crayons, all these things whales give us and yet we still hunt them, for what Meat? Haven't we killed enough chickens and cows, now do we really have to move on to whales? (4) Also due to whales having a long life span, their reproduction is a slow process; the gestation period can take up to a year so if a whale is killed during their pregnancy they will not be able to reproduce so we are reducing the population of whales which contributes to the risk of whales becoming extinct(3). Also whales could possibly not become pregnant for another 5 years and this means that there population slowly increases meaning for every 2 whales you kill it could take 2 years for the whales to be reproduced meaning whales are the most dangered species. ...read more.


Quantative Data This bar chart was taken from the middle of page 2 in the stimulus material (3) and it shows the number of permitted whale catches. From 1986/1987 a moratorium comes into effect and this means that they cannot hunt for whales anymore due them being an endangered species but in 1987/88 Japan withdraws objection to moratorium. But the number of whales being caught increased by 200 because in 1986/87 it was 390 whales but in 1986/7 it was 190 whales and 390-190=200 showing a huge difference which endangers whales even more. Conclusion In conclusion I believe that whale hunting should be banned because we are reducing the number of whales endangering them of becoming extinct. We already have on source of meat which are chickens so we don't need whale meat the demand for it isn't that high anyway so we are needlessly killing whales. In the future they could aid us with medical research or possibly carry the cure for cancer who knows? But if we carry on hunting them then they will end up extinct which is an immoral and terrible thing their existence will be no more. ...read more.

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