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Should you vaccinate using the HPV vaccine?

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Should you vaccinate using the HPV vaccine? In this case study I will be researching the HPV vaccine for Cervical Cancer. It is an important vaccine to have as around 2,800 women are diagnosed with the cancer in the UK every year, which is approximately 55 women per week.12 Ergo this vaccine could potentially save hundreds of thousands of lives, but the question remains, is it safe? There have been reported severe side effects to this vaccine; therefore it is vital to look into the facts. I will explore cases and deduce whether the side effects are outweighed by the end result. Vaccines 38 What is a vaccine? A vaccine is a substance used to prompt the immune system into making antibodies that will fight off certain microorganisms1 in the future resulting in immunity from one or many diseases.2 The history of vaccines Medicine has advanced a great deal over the years, and vaccines have helped it immensely. Vaccines are the source of prevention of more diseases that anything else in medicine so far. 4 The word vaccine comes from the Latin word 'vacca', which means cow; cows are praised with this because a doctor named Edward Jenner 1749-1823 (pictured) had a theory.3 Since he lived in the countryside of England he witnessed how milkmaids who had been ill with cowpox were resistant to smallpox, a fatal disease. In 1976 the physician proved his hypothesis by infecting a healthy boy with cowpox through a cut on his arm, after the boy had recuperated, Jenner injected him with smallpox, the boy's health did not change.4This is how vaccines were first discovered. Edward Jenner 10 The science behind vaccination has evolved through the years and one of the biggest breakthroughs in the evolution of modern medicine was the discovery of penicillin by Sir Alexander Fleming in 1928. He however did not understand its importance, fortunately Howard Florey and Ernst Chain recommenced the work and penicillin was launched in 1940.5Now there are a bewildering amount of vaccines available for a number of different diseases for example Polio, Tetanus and more recently, Swine Flu. ...read more.


This is due to the vaccine aggravating the woman's existing HPV infection. In one study of women whom were tested with Gardasil after being tested positive fir strains 16 and 18 for HPV, had an efficiency rate of negative 45%. 29 "[We are concerned about] the potential for Gardasil to enhance cervical cancer disease in subjects who had evidence of persistent infection with vaccine-relevant HPV types prior to vaccination." -Food and Drug Administration 29 Pregnant women should not get it, as the vaccine has not had enough research done into the safety of the vaccination for both the pregnant women and their unborn offspring. So far the vaccine has not caused any problems for either but for now pregnant women should wait until the pregnancy is over before getting injected.9 It is not yet known if the vaccine is beneficial to men but studies are being done and in the future this vaccine may be licensed for men too. It would protect them from genital warts and rare cancers such as penile and anus cancer. 9 Safety of the HPV vaccine "The vaccine has undergone rigorous safety testing as part of the licensing process required in the UK and other European countries." - NHS. 8 The World Heath Organization who are unbiased have said that the vaccines do not contain any live biological product or DNA so they are non-infectious and both are generally well tolerated.23 In spite of that there can be side effects such as soreness at the injection site, which is usual with most jabs. The injection can also cause skin irritation and remote fever. Nervous system disorders that might arise are headaches and dizziness. Common gastrointestinal disorders are nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal pain. Urticaria ('nettle rash' or 'hives'), muscle and joint pains and fever may occur too.27 45 Urticaria - a possible side effect of the vaccine GARDASIL (Merck) ...read more.


Statistics showing that women should have the vaccine when they are young proves that the government's scheme is a good idea. The natural ways that you can protect yourself from cancer are fantastic concepts yet you would be safer if you followed the natural help and have the vaccination too. FINAL THOUGHT Personally I think that you should have the HPV vaccine as it safe and the side effects are mild with very few catastrophic reactions and no fatalities candidly related to the vaccination. I also think that it would be better to go for the Gardasil vaccine rather than Cervarix as it will protect you against genital warts too. Having had the vaccination myself with no side effects and not having met of anyone who has it puts me in the frame of mind that the government are right to promote this vaccine. I think that the rare cases of bad reactions are insignificant in comparison to the majority of fantastic results and the possibility of displacing cervical cancer all together in the future. From my point of view the side affects are very worrying and I can sympathize with parents and all girls eligible for the vaccine if they do not want to gamble with their health; that being said I do think that if the candidate has not once had a bad reaction to any substance be that vaccine or an allergy, then the risk is quite small, although cases have shown that perfectly healthy girls can fall ill from the vaccination. In conclusion what I would recommend is that you do have the vaccine but at the same time try to refrain from having one night stands and ask your sexual partners if they are infected before you involve yourself intimately with them also another good idea is to eat lots of food rich in folic acid and plenty of tomatoes, follow a healthy lifestyle and have regular Pap tests. ...read more.

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