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Sir Richard Arkwright

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Sir Richard Arkwright was born in 1732 in Preston. He was one of the first people to use machinery on a large scale as a substitute for hand labouring textile manufactures. He served his apprenticeship as a barber and then became a wig maker. This gave him the opportunity to travel around the country collecting human hair. Arkwright then turned his attention to mechanical inventions. The new invention of the flying shuttle led to a greater need for yarn and the yarn made by the recently invented spinning jenny was only suitable for the weft. Arkwright being a great entrepreneur started to plan a new spinning machine. ...read more.


There are many reasons why he chose Cromford. The area was remote so he could experiment away from competition. This statement is backed up by evidence from source 14 which is reliable as it is from a school book. This is backed up by source 1 which shows that there is nothing but a couple of houses in the area. This source is probably reliable as it has no reason to b bias. Another reason for choosing Cromford is that it was away from machine breakers. These people went around factories breaking machinery because they were taking away jobs. ...read more.


Evidence for these water sources is shown in source 18and in14 which is from a textbook and is the fore not bias. There was already a small workforce there from the mines and therefore Arkwright wouldn't have to bring in many workers. This is shown in source 14 and is backed up by are guide who is a reliable source as he has specific knowledge and would have researched the site well. Another reason for choosing the site at Cromford is because it was rural the land would have been cheap and it may even have been the only land on the market at the time with water. This is also shown in source 14 which is reliable but may have been simplified for children's use. ...read more.

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