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Smoking is inhaling fumes of burning tobacco in a cigarette or a pipe.

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Mandeep Kamboo Smoking Smoking is inhaling fumes of burning tobacco in a cigarette or a pipe. Tobacco first came intact with Britain in the 16th century. The first cigarette making machine went into production in the United States in the late nineteenth century. At once cigarettes became cheaper and much easier to obtain. Now 4,000,000,000,000 (4 trillion) cigarettes are sold every year. Since then it has become one of the main causes of cancer and heart disease. Smoking has become very popular towards young and old people. There are currently 13 million adult smokers in the UK and the percentage of young smokers has increased. The proportion of those aged 11 - 15 who smoke regularly was 8% in England in 1988 but in 1996 the figure developed to 13%. Figures and facts have reported that smoking amongst boys aged 12 -17 has increased from 12% to 17% and amongst girls from 17% to 22%. ...read more.


It makes the heart beat faster and also makes the blood vessels become narrower, so it is harder for the heart to pump blood through. At the same time carbon monoxide, which is released as tobacco burns, deprives the heart of the oxygen it needs. Tar is a sticky brown substance that contains cancer causing chemicals. As cigarette smoke passes through the lungs it leaves a trace of tar which acts on the lung cells which start to multiply quickly, this is the beginning of lung cancer. Diseases that are common for smokers are bronchitis and emphysema. Bronchitis is inflammation of the lungs, emphysema is a condition which can destroy part of a lung. People with this condition struggle for breath because they have less room to take in air. Smoking kills over 120,000 people a year in the UK and is one of the main causes of cancer and heart disease. ...read more.


Unborn babies could be born small and weak and children could grow up to have lung or heart problems, they are also more likely to develop breathing problems as an adult. The UK government's Independent Scientific Committee on smoking and health has estimated that several hundred non smokers die each year from lung cancer caused by passive smoking. Not only does it cost smokers a lot of money but it also costs the government a lot of money to pay for the damage caused. Treating illnesses and diseases caused by smoking are estimated to cost the NHS up to �1.7 billion every year. There are some methods that can help individuals stop smoking e.g. there are nicotine patches, which are applied to the skin. The nicotine is slowly absorbed through the skin and enters the bloodstream. Over time the nicotine dose is decreased which helps stop the craving of nicotine. There are plenty of methods on how to stop smoking, but it all depends on the person who wants to quit! ...read more.

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