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Solar Energy

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Solar Energy


Solar energy has been used since prehistoric times. In 1970 there were exploiting solar energy more efficiently. It was mostly after the dramatic oil rise in the 1970’s when several countries started to explore the use of solar energy more intensive and started to develop programmes to exploit solar energy. Our planet depends more and more on solar energy. Energy from the sun can be essential and categorized in two ways; in the form of heat which we call thermal energy and in the form of light energy. The use of solar energy is increasing as time goes by. The production of oxygen and food would be impossible without solar energy. For farmers for example, solar energy is essential to them, they need plentiful of sunlight for there large fields. When hanging out our clothes to dry in the sun, we use thermal energy which we get from the sun in the same way solar panels absorb the energy of the sun to provide heat for cooking and for heating water. These kinds of system are now available in the market and are often used in homes and factories especially thermal energy products are becoming most popular. In this essay I will explain how we humans take the use of solar energy.

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Solar Electricity image03.png

Solar energy can also be used to generate electricity. It can provide hot water and heat, cool and light buildings. Photovoltaic (solar cell) systems convert sunlight directly into electricity. A solar or PV( Photovoltaic) cell consists of semi conducting material that absorbs the sunlight. The solar energy knocks electrons loose from their atoms, allowing the electrons to flow through the material to produce electricity. PV cells are typically combined into modules that hold about 40 cells. About 10 of these modules are mounted in PV arrays. PV arrays can be used to generate electricity for a single building or, in large numbers, for a power plant. A power plant can also use a concentrating solar power system, which uses the sun's heat to generate electricity. The sunlight is collected and focused with mirrors to create a high-intensity heat source. This heat source produces steam or mechanical power to run a generator that creates electricity.  Electrical conductors attacked to the positive sides of the material allow the electrons to be captured in the form of what we call a D.C current. This image04.pngimage05.jpg

Electricity can then be used to power a load such as a

water pump  

or to be stored in battery.

The PV Market and Future Predictions

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 As a conclusion to my essay I believe that we should be great full that we have solar energy in our world. As well as solar energy, maybe not so much now but in the future will be essential to our lives. This is why already now you should start thinking the use of solar energy. The fuel market is just going to increase in price so it’s a good idea to check and see if you economize when using any sort of solar energy.  Already now solar energy is becoming essential especially to the agriculture. Only big drawback is that how long will the sun last? And what if it explodes and solar energy disappears for good and fuels have run out? These questions are trying to be answered but no one seems to know the correct answer.










Keith Johnson ( Physics For you )

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Response to the question

A good piece of work explaining how solar energy is utilised. You have mentioned both major uses for solar energy and gone into a medium amount of detail about how the system works as a whole, however it lacks some ...

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Response to the question

A good piece of work explaining how solar energy is utilised. You have mentioned both major uses for solar energy and gone into a medium amount of detail about how the system works as a whole, however it lacks some in depth detail in how the individual components that make up the solar collectors work.
You have talked about various areas involved in “solar energy,” such as their actual use, but also practical issues such as cost and home and industrial use, which is good as it shows you are aware of the wide range of applications as well as requirements and benefits of solar power.

Level of analysis

You have used good technical language such as photovoltaics, and used it well so the piece flows well without unnecessary jargon crammed into the piece. You have developed all the ideas mentioned within the piece into one final conclusion which is a good summary of the entire piece with your own opinion on the matter, which is good. The list of sources at the end of the piece also shows you have used a nice mix of sources which should make the piece overall objective, which is the aim.

Quality of writing

Overall, the language in the piece is of a very high standard, with only the occasional grammatical error. You have used long, flowing sentences to develop and explain your points. Bullet points are used effectively to show a list rather than the unwieldy, clunky alternative.

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Reviewed by pratstercs 19/02/2012

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