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supermarket survey

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Supermarket Survey

In my supermarket survey I am going to see what vegetarian products are already available on the market. Supermarket survey is important because it shows what types of products are already on the market. It also shows me the nutritional value of all the various products; I can then see what is good and what is bad. With a supermarket survey I can also see the prices of various products and then I can identify a range and an average. To find information I went to three major supermarkets; Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose.  I thought it would be better for me to actually visit the supermarket rather than find out information online.

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Dull and bland. Un appealing,

Energy 1421 kJ

Protein 7.4g


Bombay Potatoes Waitrose




Outer: cardboard sleeve

Inner: Plastic (PET)


Energy 344 kJ/ 82 kcal

Protein 1.60 g.  


Vegetable Lasagne Waitrose




Outer: cardboard sleeve

Inner: Plastic (PET)


Energy 453 kJ/108 kcal

Protein 2.6 g


Vegetable Moussaka Waitrose




Outer: Cardboard Sleeve.

Inner Plastic.


Energy 543 kJ/130 kcal. 

Protein 4.00 g.  


Feta and Caramelised Onions Pizzeria Waitrose



mono- and diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids




Aluminium Base Disc.

Vibrant and bright.


1088 kJ 260 kcal. 



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The vegetarian products which were more expensive, seemed to contain more calories, this is mainly due to the fact richer ingredients were used in the more expensive products. Most of the products didn’t contain additives, however the products that did were on the top end of the price range. This is because additives are expensive. The packaging of the products were rather diverse from each other, products which were most expensive had far more attractive and appealing than less expensive products. Inexpensive products only used one material for packaging (e.g. board). What were similar were that all the products, except 1, used board as the exterior packaging. Products which were microwavable used the plastic (PET).  All the products had labelling saying the product was suitable for vegetarians and expensive products had logos.        

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